can never put weight on.... was wondering what sort of excersise will help

any advice is appreciated
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Compound exercises are the foundation to helping to build muscle size and strength. These are movements which use more than one muscle at a time. Examples include squats, deadlifts, bench presses, military presses and barbell rows (notice they are all free weight exercises). Free weight exercises allow you to recruit more muscle fibres and help develop balance and co-ordination. Aside from exercises - DIET is equally if not more important than exercise. Remember that your body develops when you're not training during the recovery phase. If you are interested in going through some more stuff which will make sense to you, please contact me.
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Weight bearing to put it simply. Look at exercises that work many muscles together, compound exericses, eg. bench press, pull ups, squats and deadlifts.
Also look at your diet to increase your carb and protein intake.
take a gainer protein ,increase the weights you are lifting in the gym and decrease the time of 4-6 repetitions in a set.90 seconds break between sets.use a masaz therapy once every 2 weeks to relax body and brain . its important to workout legs slowly and individually ,squats ,deadlifts,lounges etc
Stick to compound moves the best strength and mass builders are Squats, Flat and Incline Bench Press Barbell clean and Press, Bent over Barbell row, Close grip bench, and above all DEADLIFT. These exercises will make the cns release more testosterone and growth hormone than any other. Also dumbell flys and french press and heavy cheat curls with a barbell. As for diet try getting at least 1.5 grammes of protien per kg of body weight. Keep your cardio to a minimum. Stick to rep ranges of 10-12 reps and 3-5 sets though the rep range will need to change depending on your body type, ectomorphs are clasically hard gainers. Eat every three hours and get your protien from dead animals and you will put on weight, trust me. Also a good quality protien shake straight after training as well. There is a fair bit more to it than this, for more info/training or for a programme that works give me a call on 07814683245 or email
I echo the thoughts of my colleagues. Plus, your brain may be altering your metabolic rate, to maintain an optimum level. Worth investigating. I've just released an article on that same topic. Check it out on the 'Downloads' page of the website.
I echo the thoughts of others. Plus, your brain may be working against you by altering your metabolic rate, to maintain an optimum level of energy. I've just released an article on that same topic. It concentrates more on weight loss but you'll see that the principles are the same. Check it out under 'downloads' on the website.
Seems like your all geared up for toning , but uf ya want to put weight on ya need some heavy compound exercises! Also go for 3 big meals a day rather than 5 to 6 smaller usually recommended for keeping trim. Would also cut down on your cardio! Maybe try some weight gain supplements to!
You need to get strong before you look at lifting to build muscle if you are struggling to gain weight. Aim for big powerful movements such as deadlifts, bench, cleans, hangning high pulls, front squats, chins etc.
Rep range should be 1-6 reps and with the intention of lifting the weight as fast as you can. This way you will incorprate more muscle fibre recruitment and develop and stronger frame.
You should change your programme every 3-4weeks and keep the programme simple.
A Cleans 8 sets x 6-1 reps
B1 Weighted Chins 5 sets x 6-2 reps
B2 Bench Press 5 sets x 6-2 reps
C Reverse crunches on Swiss Ball 3 sets x 12-15 reps
Keep it simple and don't throw a hundred different exercises in there! The only time you should use a power plate for strength is when you pick it up to throw it out of the gym!
Your food intake is the most important part to concentrate on. Doing weight training will help to an extent but it's not easy to put much weight on this way. You didn't mention how much cardio you do in a week. If you are running,cycling or similar for hours every day (some of my clients have done this) then you will burn up calories almost as fast as you take them in.
It depends on what kind of weight you want to gain. Of course resistance training will help you to gain muscle mass so your body weight will increase. Your diet is also as important as your training. If you need professional help, please let me know your availabilty, I would like to help and the consultation is free which is about 45 mins. We can discuss your goals in detail.
Not being able to put on weight can often be a mindset. It is a self fulfilling prophecy!
You need to focus on your nutrition. Depending on your hormonal profile, you can probably consume more good carbs than most people. Ie sweet potato etc. Also you must make sure you are eating enough quality protein, and are recovering post workout.
In terms of training, focus on large lifts that recruit as much muscle as possible. Ie Deadlifts.
This is extremely brief, but should give you an idea.
That will depend on what you eat.
Balanced, programmed diet for weight gain combined with weight training (monitored in gym) could help you if you want to build a muscle bulk.
If you are eating and not gaining weight, go to your GP to see if there is any other reason not to gain weight (than maybe genetics).
need to dead lift bent over row chin up bench press do 12 reps 3 sets will help and eat as much


Nice one good to see someone else that perscribs a heavy doss of deadlifting and compound moves
Hi there. You need to introduce some resistance work e.g. Power Plate or weights in order to build on lean muscle and therefore put on "good" weight. We would also need to look at your diet to see whether improvements need to be made there. Let me know if I can help.
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