Does power plate really work? If so, how?

Asked by Kristina

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Hi Kristina,
The Power Plate is a form of acceleration training which basically means it adds intensity to the exercise or stretch you are doing.
For example, whilst performing a body weight squat on the floor, your legs and core are working to hold/lift your bodyweight up against gravity as you go up and down. Doing the same exercise on the plate the vibrations will add to these forces so you get a more intense workout.
Another way I explain it to my clients is by likening it to standing on a moving train when you can't reach the handles to hold, your muscles respond to every movement to keep you upright. Intensify this effect by thousands (the vibrations from the plates) and you get an extra element to your workout.
Power Plates also have the added benifits of improving bone density (great for older clients) and increasing blood flow. Can also be used for stretches and massage too.
It is defininitely not the same thing as those 80's vibrating 'fat burning' belts as some people think!
You should always ensure you fill out the Power Plate health questionaire, carry out an induction with a qualified instructor and consult with the doctor if unsure of anything.
Hope this helps,
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Search Treatwell for Vibration Plate Training near you