Hiya i want to start doing facials in my salon,can anyone recommend any products that arent expensiv

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Why don't you do some research in your local area and see what other salons use and try to offer a different brand to what they use. I use Eve Taylor.


Hi Sian, I trained with Eve Taylor products and love them. I wondered if you are still using them and if you clients love them too. I'm just about to open a salon and need to decide on my skincare. Such a big investment, I don't want to make the wrong choice. Only salon offering Eve Taylor is the local college I trained in. Any advise for a newbie. X
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hiya, just seen your ad and im currently selling all my dermalogica products professional and retail, as ive just closed my business. i have all you need to get started from support materials, client robes, samples, clients consulation forms and loooooots more. all of the professional stuff are brand new and unopened including most of the professional stuff aswell so have been used but full. if your interested please call me on 07582462620
Have you thought about Usana product range which is paraben free? They are not expensive and work beautifully on the skin.
Check back with your own beauty school. Many schools use low cost, yet adequate, products. Depending upon your budget, you may want to use such products, until you are ready to invest in a more costly line. Or, until you are able to find out which line will best serve the needs of your clients.


I agree with this advise, it is exactly how I started, then when I was more established I moved over to Dermalogica, which is outstanding but quite expensive for the start up package.
hi, i only use dermalogica i teach with them and use them for facials they are fab hope this helps xxx
we use Dermalogica products - they are very good, quite reasonable - wait for offers and starter packs and they help you market
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