I had an adverse reaction to accupuncture, how can I reverse it?

I was given 3hrs accupuncture, shortly thereafter I became very ill, vomiting delirious and total memory loss and loss of cognitive ability. This lasted for 4 days, then two wks of being ill and unable to converse; and my brain has never recovered. I have gone from high IQ & photographic memory to a dunce who can't remember what I did this morning, with poor concentration and I can no longer multi-task!
I have spoken to others with a similar reaction and they immediately returned and had the effects reversed, I didn't, what can I do now 3 years on?
Asked by ShadowofFormerSelf

2 answers

I would suggest you speak with the therapist who treated you in the first place, , it can become quite tricky when you start to get treated by lots of diferent therapists. We do offer at out practice http://www.thebodyworkspractice.co.uk but i would suggest that you contact your therapist beofre any others


Thank you for your replies, I have gon back to my therapist, who denied it was anything to do with the acupuncture and tried to suggest all sorts of alternatives, none of which fitted! Also, I am told 3 hrs is far to much to be being administered at once and no wonder I had an adverse reaction!
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