my sister dyes her hair (brown/plum) she would like a touch up spray to use on her roots in between.

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The only spray I've heard of is temporary coloured spray that shampoo out these tend to be bold colours such as red, pink and purple this range is by lee stafford , other than that I've never heard of a permenant spray colour ? You can try coloured shampoo and conditioners to top up colour inbetween salon visits , the best way to top up your re growth is to visit your hairdresser and ask the to do a root retouch rather than a full color this will not only be more cost effective it will also prevent your hair becoming damaged by constantly colouring on top of colour . Hope this helps
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After reading the other posts, which all have great suggestions, I know of a dry shampoo for brown hair (I believe by S-G as well as B&B) that has a slight tint to it that would camouflage gray slightly, but the Touch up sticks do work better, but they may affect the tint coverage on the following applications, so she needs to be sure she (or her stylist) clarifies the hair well prior to getting her color retouched.
the color sprays,sticks,and mascara all leave an artifical look and feel to the hair. The best thing to do is have your roots touched up every 4 weeks and use a root volumizer to keep the roots from showing as bad. In 4 weeks your hair only grows half an inch.
Hi there, as far as i know i don't know of any spray that could do this ?! sometimes some of my clients use a semi permanent to apply which will wash off but will add shine and wash off after about 6 shampoos.. it helps to freshen colour in between..although if your sister has grey roots this will not cover grey hair that well... a lot of home colours say they are semi but aren't so as long as there is no mixing involved in the colour you get and its specifies wash out colour this may help her colour last a bit longer.. Colour shampoos can help too, leave them in for up to 5 mins to when shampooing..
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