I am quite fair skinned, which kind of spray tan is recommended?

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I too am very fair skinned. The key is to make sure your therapist knows her stuff. She should be asking you questions such as "Do you naturally go brown in the sun or do you just go red." If the answer is never brown only red then you need a low % DHA product such as a 6% and maybe up to an 8% depending on the product. There are a lot of products out there which will still make you "orange" so you need to trust the therapist. Dont be tempted by higher %'s your skin cant take it. I would suggest a brand to look for is "Unreal", I spray myself a 10% with this and I've never gone orange. No smell either and they're launching a new rapid tan soon.


I have tried the rapidtan and its amazing!! I am sprayed and within a few hours I can see the colour already. This is a new solution that enables the wearer to wash off within 4 hours (as opposed to the usual 8) and is perfect for last minute tans!
I love Unreal! Their home products are also amazing! I always order them online and they're delivered extremely quickly - usually the next day!
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I offer Sienna X Spray Tanning for £25 in the comfort of your own home.
I agree with Tanorexic2010 (GREAT NAME BY THE WAY)! I have been an Unreal convert for the last three months and can genuinely say I can't be without it now!
I have their spray tans on special occasions but I can always enjoy a bronzed glow with their home products. They're different from most fake tan products because they use the best quality, natural ingredients (which is great for my skin as I have dermatitis) so it doesn't irritate the skin. Their "Body Buff" is the best scrub I've ever used as its so gentle because it uses "micro beads" instead of the usual salt or sugar granuals that are so rough and scratchy on the skin.
I would recommend Unreal products to anyone that wants to try something new and doesnt want to worry about adverse effects that some fake tans can have on your skin (due to the poor quality ingredients used).
I would recommend using Unreal spray tanning solution. It is the only tanning solution on the market with Advanced Seasonal Technology, which according to my therapist, means Unreal have different solutions to match the different seasons. So in effect, the depth, colour and hydration of your tan adjusts with the time of year. For example, I discovered this solution in winter '09 so I was having the winter solution spray. I was lighter and therefore more natural looking and provided much more moisture for my skin to help it combat the horrible winter weather. Now I'm using their summer solution which is slightly darker (to match the weather) and I feel its such a natural colour - instead of asking me what fake tan I use, people usually ask me where I've been on holiday!!
I am also VERY fair (blonde hair, pale skin) but with this solution it seems impossible to go orange (even when I go for the darkest 12% solution!). It also uses natural ingredients so it doesn't irritate my Eczema! I would recommend this to anyone that is a bit wary of fake tan or has bad experiences with over stated brands like St Tropez and Fake Bake in the past! I will restore your confidence in fake tan and give you an amazing natural glow! Their home products are amazing too and you can order them online at http://www.unreal.me.uk!


Well said Tanorexic! I also love UNREAL! I am a red head and usually look horrendous when trying to achieve any sort of fake tan glow but Unreal honestly looks amazing - even with my skin tone!!
I cant wait to try out Unreal's winter range when winter rolls around! I swear never to be pale again!!
I would recommend that you find a salon that stocks Vant-i velocity 1 .wash 'n' wear. This will give you a golen tan rather than dark orng tone tana I hope this is of some help.
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I have used a lot of spray tans over this last 5 years and the best one yet is Fake Bake - Rosie BeautyWorks 0208 340 8069
I would advise fake bake original, as it is a light and natural coloured spray tan :)
The best tanning treatment for fair skin from my point of view is the Decleor self -tanning cream .
It is not the kind of spray tan if you mean which brand, but as others have already said, it is the strength of the DHA that determines how dark your tan is. I would recommend any tan solution that is 8% or 8.5% max. I f you find it is not dark enough you can always have a top-up after 48 hours, but you will be charged for this, not as much as the original tan probably but still a cost involved.
Yes as Michelle said, a lighter formula, you want to look for a therapist that uses tanning product that contains around 8% or 8.5% DHA (main tanning ingrediant) a lot of spray tanning companys provide a range from 8% up to as high as 18% DHA so the lower ones are best for fair skinned people as it has the least amount of DHA in it.
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