Can anyone advise on using a facial peel for acne?

Hi, My son is 17 and has moderate to severe acne. He is on acne-treatment azelaic acid gel and antibiotics. Does anyone recommend using a facial peel, and if so which one? Thank you.
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I reccomend VI Peel, it's safe, effective and you will see the result on first application.
There are some preparation 10 days prior the VI Peel application.
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Pharmaclinic facials for acne and microdermabrasion facials I also had same problems tried mine out at Laylas Beauty Hub fantastic job i feel much better in myself
You cant use IPL for acne.
Hi Carole, azelaic acid reduces the growth of the keratin reducing the thickness of the skin (acne suffers tend to have a thicker skin which means it gets more congested) due to this skin peels would not be advisable. I would recommend continuing for 6 months with the gel and anti-biotics and having a good skincare routine including an anti-bacterial wash, oil controlling moisturiser. With all things give it all time and if in 6 months the skin has not improved then re think what to do next. Vicki
Hi Carole, which antibiotic is your son taking ? as i know that it is not advisable to use a peel treatment if taking Accutane ! please let me know and i will get some more info for you
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it is erythromycin thanks.