Is laser hair removal on the underarms more painful than waxing?

I'm thinking of having laser hair removal on my underarms. I've waxed for the last 10 years so I'm used to a bit of pain but am wondering if laser really is even more painful. Can anyone with experience of both waxing and laser hair removal tell me how the pain/ feeling compares please?
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Have you heard of the Soprano Laser ? It is virtually painless and feels like a hot stone massage. Results are Excellent and by far the most pain free laser on the market. You cannot even compare the feeling to waxing as all you feel is a warming sensation. You should definitely give it a try or at least have a patch test done
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It is although it depends on your sensitivity. It is not permanent, and normally you will need 9 sessions, majority of the clinics will not tell you this. Also you will need a "just in case" session once per year after the treatment. In general, I think it is a waste of money. Specially if you cannot have the laser due to some medication and they forced you to pay as it happened to me in Destination Skin Windsor. They just tell you what you want to hear, they won't give you any terms and conditions, and then you will be left with hair and no money!! Destination Skin has clinics in other places, and for what I've heard the quality and the service is very poor
Depends where you go. I think pain is the same
not really ! IPL is better than laser though after 6-7 course you will permanently get rid of them
it's cool
It depends on the type of laser treatment, with NdYag it can feel like a band flicking your skin, however with good cooling (e.g. ice or air cooling) it is not uncomfortable, IPL (which is not really laser) if the machine has a good cooling system you should only feel warmth. Hope that helps. Personally I have found waxing far more uncomfortable than laser.