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Question: Can anyone recommend a good massage to have for people with stress?

Asked by ching-yun

20 answers

Anyone know what massage is best for stress relief? If you can also recommend a place to go for that in central London, that will be really helpful.


Therapeutic Massage

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All types of massage and complementary therapies aim to relieve stress. Which you respond to best is dependent on you. Hope you find a practitioner who will help without over prescribing all sorts of expensive treatments!

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Hi, I have been helping people with stress related symptoms, depression, CFS, sport injuries with 100 percent possitive feed back for 10 years.

Contact me on 07843060825 for more details. Base in Canarywharf



Yes me; Have been Treating people for Stress for over 25 Years; Probs for you is I now live in Spain. When here give me a Call. Keep off the Pils. Have a great day, John. Jackie my Wife could also help.


Swedish is the best and most common massage for relieving stress. Find a therapist here:



Hi there, I do various type of massage which arevry relaxing - specifically for stress I would probably do a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, and maybe also some Reflexology/foot massage throw in - guaranteed to make you fall asleep. I also do a technique called Myofascial Release, which is a little bit different - it is great for many things, but I normally use it for shoulder/neck relief.

I work on Tuesdays from the Light Centre in Moorgate - my website is Please take a look and let me know if are interested in making a booking :)

All the best, and look forward to hearing from you. Mike


Any professional massage will help with stress, however, if you really want to achieve maximum benefit it needs to be combined with a 1 hour float session. The one I would suggest is floatworks in SE1 but others are really good.

Does it work... yes, in our Lincolnshire centre we have had incredible results both with clients and clinical style trials



holistic , swedish or indian head massage. we operate on a mobile basis as well as clinic based, so we come to you in your place of work or home. look at the website . we treat people from professional sports people to business clients on a daily basis.



What sort of "stress relief" are you looking for. Most high streets/hotels offer some sort of massage service


Massage can be a powerful tool to help you take charge of your health and well-being.
1. Lomi Lomi Nui hawaiian massage for relaxation 2. Bali Pitjit, traditional balinese massage and 3. Chinese Tui-You with oil.
There are 3 excellent therapeutic massage for stress relief.
Can use too... thai massage and foot reflexology.


My name is Stef Giordani and I am trained in both Sports and Therapeutic Bodywork which I provide for this highly recommend company.



Hi, I'm a Holistic Therapist and I provide a number of varied massage therapies. Having carefully monitored my clients as they arrive and as they leave I can say with confidence that the greatest massage for stress relief is the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi.
Lomi Lomi can be performed in various ways ranging in pressure from a relaxing, therapeutic to a deep tissue. One of the important steps in this 2 hour therapy is to set your healing intention at the start of the process, the therapist then sets his intention for the energies to focus on resolving your issue while he works his way up and down your body allowing the energies to guide him to each point requiring release.
I'm in South Bedfordshire, not London unfortunately, but if you ever get up this way drop in for a treatment you will not forget :)
Have a great day ... John


For stress you can choose from different massage techniques. If you have tension as well as stress I would recommend deep tissue massage. My clients have benefited from both natural facelift and lymphatic drainage to combat stress and insomnia.

Take care


Sources: Http://


I working 26 years with this problems,Different treatmenta in one massage for the stress.And in the end Healing.I never vlost my clients there are very happy with my treatments,
Massage janny in algarve portugal


I have been helping people since 2005, stress, depression, panic attack, also I got good feedback from clients.
I'm based in Bromley very easy reach from central London.



If you suffer from the type of stress which gives you a headache I would suggest you try an Indian Head Massage. This can relieve the tension which builds throughout the head, neck and shoulder area. It is gentle, relaxing and frequently clients fall asleep. This massage can be done through clothing so perfect if you prefer to stay dressed.

Swedish massage can be very relaxing and some therapists will add scented oils to encourage relaxation. Hot Stone Massage adds the benefit of heat through smooth stones to add to the relaxing experience. These types of massage are ideal if you'd like your treatment to cover the legs, back, shoulders, arms and neck.

If you feel that you have specific areas which are always tight and painful, often across the shoulders then look for a sport massage. This will combine both work on the muscles which are tight and the fascia which holds everything together. It will use massage, soft tissue techniques and trigger point therapy for specific tightness. It may not feel as relaxing as the other forms of massage but in the long run (or even a few days later) you'll feel the benefit of truly releasing the tightness.

I can't recommend anywhere local to you as I am in North Norfolk but you could try the following websites for qualified therapists in your area:



For relaxing if you have headaches: Indian Head Massage
If you like scented oils: Aromatherapy or Swedish Massage
If you like a deeper warm massage: Hot Stone Massage
For the release of tight muscles and fascia giving a longer lasting result although possibly not as relaxing at the time: sport massage/soft tissue therapy
Try the links below to find a qualified therapist near you



Hi there
I tailor all my massages to suit the individual I do Swedish, Indian head massage and Aromatherapy. They all help with stress relief

If you have anymore questions I am happy to answer them for you

Kind regards




Yes at Lilysbeauty in marble arch the best massage will be Swedish massage or hot stone massage. or call 07824367895


All sort of massages help to reduce stress. If the stress is affecting your back muscles, digestion, etc, I would go more for a remedial or therapeutic massage instead of holistic or Swedish massage. If it's more an "emotional" sort of stress, with anxiety, short breathing, etc. then I would go more for a Swedish sort of.
I'm based in Central London, between Marble Arch and Marylebone. Please have a look at and do not hesitate to contact me should you require more information.



Hi , I am Julia Rhodes of West London Colonics.
People hold a tremendous amount of stress in the abdominal area, which after all houses the enteric nervous system ( the digestive, assimilation , eliminative processes ) . The ENS ass its commonly allied is referred to as the 2nd brain. It highly susceptible to stress. I have seen in my colon hydrotherapy practise that many people respond strongly, beneficially to abdominal massage ( whats called con therapy in the therapy listings in these Wahanda pages).
So , perhaps try this + colon hydrotherapy, a powerful combo.

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