What's the best way to treat the red acene on my face and jaw?

I'm 22 years old and have red acne and pock marks on my face and jaw. I want to know how to treat this problem, how long a treatment will take and how much it will cost ? Thank you : )
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Hi I am Julia Rhodes of West London Colonics .
A non -local approach to skin care is to take of the colon first and foremost. It often has a wonderful effect on skin complaints of different kinds.
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Hello - yes there are number of great treatments out there, but lately I have just come across an amazing professional treatment with home care for you to continue at home. The Oxypeel Therapy treatment is developed by a British scientist Sujata Jolly. Oxypeel will Treat & Heal all grades of Acne as well as Pigment and Scarring that acne may cause. Based on biological exfoliation and with aid of oxygenating ingredients, Oxypeel works within harmony with the skin to re-establish the skin's natural balance - an effective treatment without any side effects. Our clients are loving the results they are achieving.
4-6 Facial Treatments are required to achieve optimum results.
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Good Luck
Lisa Harris
Founder/ Aesthetic Facialist
As mentioned in one of the answers below, Obagi CLENZIderm can be an effective option. In more severe cases, Obagi Nu-Derm (or Nu -Derm Fx if you do not have pigmentation in addition to acne) can be considered. You need to see a doctor/dermatologist who could prescribe you the right product though - don't do any self-healing. Some patients come to us asking for help after they bought a product through an online pharmacy, and then they did not know what to do with it . We have a live-chat facility on our website, so you can have an online chat and ask more specific questions about your problem, so you are very welcome to get in touch. And please - if you acne is active - make sure that you do not do anything abrasive, such as microdermabrasion or microneedling - as you can spread the bacteria on to unaffected areas.
You may also want to check out this http://www.bodysilk.co.uk/news/2012/what-can-your-acne-tell-you
Hope that it helps.
Microdermabrasion would be very beneficial to you. You would need at least three sessions and then maybe a session every six weeks with regular facials. Single sessions are approx £30-£40 but most places offer a discount for block bookings. Hope this helps
acupuncture improves hormones, redeces inflammatiom and much more.
I treat a lot of acne clients and usually it is a mixture of good homecare(Dermaquest)and peels that could be Salicylic,Pumpkin or even Skinbrite which helps acne as well as the redmarks.I also find the treatment with red and blue LED very beneficial as this treats and heals skin.After the acne has gone then treatment with Dermaroller for any scarring works brilliantly,even with just using one for home use.You need to find a good skin specialist locally and have a consultation to work out a treatment plan.Prices for peels are usually between £45-85 and LED £40-50.A good cleanser(ieGlyco creamy cleanser from Dermaquest is about £30).
As you are aware there are lots of acne treatments on the market.
I have several suggestions.
If you have not already been to see your GP it is worth a visit. I treat acne in my surgery with topical BPO (Benzoyl Peroxide) and antibiotic creams. Severe acne may merit a trial on an oral antibiotic for a little while. Sometimes changing your hormone balance can help and if you are using a contraceptive pill it might be worth changing the oestrogen strength or progesterone type. If you are not on the contraceptive pill it might be worth trying it.
In my private skin clinic I use a number of treatments. Clearly I need to meet my patients and know a little about them 1st. There might be an underlying problem causing the acne which can be altered with lifestyle changes.
However for those with young youthful skin and red acne spots there is a specific system from Obagi called Clenziderm. It is a 3 cream system, nice and easy to use and has great results.
Sometimes skin peels and other treatment courses like the dermal roller are useful for the acne scarring that unfortunately occurs.
Costs are variable depending on whether you are using an NHS prescription from your GP (£7.60) or a treatment like Clenziderm (roughly £115 for a prescribed system).
If you would like any further information please have a look at my website or send me an email through the links.
I hope this has helped.
Hello ff0817!
As a fellow acne sufferer, I can definitely identify with you on wanting to desperately sort out your skin. The one question that needs to be asked firstly is - have you gone to see a dermatologist?
There are treatments that your dermatologist will want you to go on.
I had to go on Isotretinoin for nearly 11 months (everyone is different in duration dependent on the severity).. It was awful for me - but I have to say - it did help me enormously with my skin! I still get a few spots, but I don't get any of the cystic acne that used to cover the majority of my face. It also helped me with my scaring to a massive extent.
You need to be careful if you are on medication - because some treatments/products are not advisable when on this form of medication.
Once I had completed my course of treatment, I then began to use Dermalogica products to further help me with my skin - I now have barely any scaring or marking.
Hope this has helped in some small way!
I've attached a link for you to read further on Isotretinoin.
Add a drop of tea tree oil to your moisturiser morning and night and you will see them go down and heal. Support liver. digestion and hormones with the right foods. We are Nutritionists and have alot of experience in this. Try us on http://www.nutriheal.net
Hi, there are a number of different treatments for Acne.
I offer Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) sometimes incorrectly referred to as a laser
The IPL treatment provides a number of benefits:
- destroys the bacteria responsible for Acne
- boosts collagen production in the skin, which helps minimise pock marks.
- can minimise and remove areas of darker pigmentation caused by old out breaks.
I am happy to discuss the options with you in more detail, please feel free to email me directly at enquires@iplwales.co.uk or call on 07506 894 827.
You may also want to visit our website http://www.iplwales.co.uk for more details.