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Question: Is having a lymphatic drainage massage painful? What can I expect from it?

Asked by CCLL704

6 answers

I've heard it helps reduce weight, is it true? Can anyone recommend a place in central London for a lymphatic drainage massage? Thanks.

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Hi, the lymphatic system is part of your immune system and not really related to weight loss or metabolic rate. It could be claimed that manual lymphatic drainage of lymph fluid will help you loose water however so will exercise or just simply being dehydrated, the weight gain will return as soon as you drink water exactly the same happens after a sauna.

Generally the pooling of lymphatic fluid indicates a different problem which manual lymphatic drainage alone won't solve but may just mask a bigger issue treating the symptoms not the cause.

Manual lymphatic drainage should not hurt but be reasonably deep to pump the fluid around the body, you will experience the need to use the toilet more often and feel the need to drink more water replacing the lost fluid.

If you do for this treatment talk to your GP & find a therapist who is qualified to look a bit deeper as the the reasons you are retaining fluid.
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Dear member, I've just received your enquiry and hope I can help. Lymphatic drainage massage is a very light treatment, as the lymphatic system runs very close to the surface of the skin, so it should not be painful. It helps to boost the immune system, reduce lymph oedema and remove toxins, it does not contribute to weight loss other than you may find that for the next day or two after a treatment you may go to the toilet more frequently. I am based on Harley Street. If you are interested in receiving a treatment please take a look at my website. Kind regards, Karen



I agree with the other replies. If you just rely on your scales to measure the weight, then of course lymphatic drainage can help with the removal of excess fluid in the tissues. Water is quite heavy so reducing water retention creates a temporary illusion of weight loss!

In Asia manual lymphatic drainage is a totally different massage than in Europe (were the Vodder method is preferred) and it can be quite painful as it uses deeper pressure than usual on the lymph nodes. Unfortunately deep pressure will close the lymphatic vessels and therefore block the flow of lymph.

A deep massage can unblock stubborn fat deposits instead.

In a nutshell a manual lymphatic drainage should feel light and relaxing. It is a combination of several types of feathery movements that are soothing yet effective.

Whatever you decide to do, if the pressure feels uncomfortable give feedback to your therapist and if you suffer from diabetes bear in mind that your skin sensitivity and pain receptors may be compromised by the condition so strong pressure may feel like light pressure and bruising may occur.

I hope you find a practitioner you can trust. Feel free to look at my website and my reviews on Wahanda.

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I'm beauty therapist I do limphatic drainage, the limphatic massage is very light touch, improve skin tone, swelling, improving circulation, waste removal. Relax the body, relax the mind, give a lift to the emotions and weight loss.

massage Bromley



The lymphatic system is the bodys secondary circulatory system and like others have suggested works to fight infection and remove toxins. Lymphatic massage is especially enjoyable as its light to medium pressure is very relaxing and is great for reducing water retention in ankles, knees etc.

I would suggest that if you are looking for a type of massage to help tone and firm the body while you loose weigh, I offer a 'Detox Massage' treatment which is ideal as a course of treatments which will help to sculpt & tone along side your fittness routine.

Im in North London, Muswell Hill, Please feel free to contact me for any further advice.



Lymphatic drainage massage help to remove the toxic lymph that it might stagnates within your body if the lymphatic system is slown down because of several reasons like age, hereditary, etc. It helps remove excess water so it could help with weight loss, but mainly for detoxification and to boost immune system: it can help with cellulite trough! I do lymphatic drainage at Clinica Fiore or at private location in Dalston Hackney.