Can you tan through a spray tan?

I'm going abroad for a wedding and would like to be nice and brown. I have 2 days before the wedding - I do tan easily (but safely) so am debating whether to rely on 2 days of sunbathing, or to have a spray tan before I go. I if have a spray tan, will I get a natural tan through it or would it stop me from catching the sun naturally?
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Having a spray tan prior to going away on holiday is a great idea. It stops you from feeling too pale and wanting to overcompensate with the sunbathing.
You will still tan after having a spray tan, just remember to tan safely and reapply your sunscreen. It's a good idea to use a higher SPF for your face as this needs more protection and start to exfoliate 3 days after spray tan to ensure an even fade off.
I hope that helps!
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Hi Spray tans don't contain any SPF factor so you can still tan thru a spray tan. Personally I believe they give some protection from burning , but they cant advertise this as it is not the purpose. Spray Tan is the safe way to tan without damaging the skin equivalent to 2 wks tanning in the sun/.
Hi, you can still get a tan through a spray tan so you need to make sure you apply sun screen. However, make sure your sun cream is water based (ie a lotion) and not oil based as the oil will strip your spray tan.
Yes you can it is a great way of beating the shyness of being white
As others have said, if you spray tan just make sure you use sunscreen for protection. Rinse off the chlorinated or sea water and reapply your sunscreen. Make sure you pat dry - no rubbing.
You can still tan if you use a sunless product (spray tan or tanning lotions).
Sunless products do not offer protection from the sun so you can still soak up the rays. Always be mindful of how much sun you are actually getting and be sure to apply an SPF as normal. A sunless tanning treatment before you leave Is a great idea and very popular option, although it will be difficult to detect a suntan/burn until it's too late. Use a sunscreen that is DHA Friendly-that way it won't harm your existing sunless tan.
You can tan through a spray tan as it has no protection against the sun's rays. But if you decide to have a spray tan before you leave the UK, it is important that you don't reck your spray tan applying protection when you arrive on holiday as most suncreams will leave you with streaks and patches. You must go for an 'oil free' sun protection spray otherwise your spray tan will streak and fade in patches. One make I know that is good is Piz Buin Oil Free sun spray, also Banana Boat make a sport sun spray that is 'oil free'. Make sure that after swimming in a chlorine pool, you then shower with fresh water as chlorine also strips a tan. I wish you were getting married in Crete as I would be able to give you an airbrushed tan the day before your wedding which is usually the best day of a fake tan - never mind have a wonderful wedding where ever it is. Best wishes and hope this helps.
Having a spray tan does not stop you from sunbathing. I would recommend you continue your sun protection as you normally would. Most of my clients find that the best way to ensure they have a healthy glow from start to finish of their holiday is to start with the spray tan before they leave and by the time that was worn off they will have had time to work of the tan from the sun.
As said previously, yes you can tan through spray tans. I would like to add though, when using suncream avoid those that contain oil, or are oil based. These will strip your spray tan prematurely.
Spray tan does not have any UV filters in it so will not stop the suns rays from penetrating the skin. Yes you can still catch a tan but you must still tan safely and wear an SPF. Lots of people have a spray tan before going on holiday, its a very popular treatment. Hope that helps!
Hello, your spray tan will not stop you tanning, you will tan through it and not notice it fade, you'll stay an even colour all over. But it doesn't have spf so make sure you still wear suncream x