After chemo my hair has grown back very thin and my scalp is always dry (as is my skin)

I cannot use a hairdryer as it gets so sore, It's nearly 2 years now but not thickening at all?
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We provide Health Supplement from Belgium Organic, Bio Activated which
helps with Hydrating Skin, scalp. Allows body to generate Collagen and
Hydrate the skin.
Allows the hair to become hydrated, healthy and you keep the hair
that you have.
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What is Bio-Activated Organic Silicium?
Silicon is a natural element needed by the human body for many processes. When it is bio-activated, as it is with VitaSil/Dexsil products, it is able to penetrate the skin to form collagen, the skin’s natural scaffolding, and also elastin, which keeps the skin supple. No other product can create collagen in this way. As humans age, the amount of silicon they have decreases.
What does Bio-Activated Organic Silicium do?
It reduces and prevents lines and wrinkles.
By being able to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, VitaSil/Dexsil helps produce collagen and elastin naturally. Collagen plumps cells with hydration so the skin becomes fresh and hydrated. In younger skin, it can prevent wrinkles from forming. In mature skin, winkles will decrease and the skin will become firmer and younger looking.
Bio-activated organic silicium comes in both a liquid, taken each morning, and a range of gels aimed at different ailments.

It Reduces Inflammation
Bio-activated organic silicium also combats and reduces pain and inflammation, whether from rheumatoid or osteo-arthritis, injury or any other source of inflammation.
What conditions can it help?
Dehydrated skin, loose sagging skin, wrinkles and lines anywhere on face and body
- Drink Vitasil/Dexsil Silicium Liquid each morning.
Apply Silicium gel twice a day on cleansed damp skin, avoiding the eyes. Use a good cream on top of the gel to provide environmental protection.
Inflammation and general pain, arthritis, rheumatism.
- Drink ArticulaSil/Articulations liquid each morning.
- Apply ArticulaSil/Articulations gel twice a day on the affected and
surrounding areas on damp skin.

Muscular pain, cramp, stiff muscles.
- Drink ArticulaSil/Articulations liquid each morning.
- Apply PowerSil/Sport gel twice a day on the affected and
surrounding areas on damp skin.
In need of lifting the Bust, Neck area.
- Apply Bust gel twice a day on the affected and surrounding areas on damp skin.
In need of losing inches and reducing fat around stomach, hips, thighs, upper arms.
- Apply Sveltsil/Silhouette twice a day on the affected and surrounding areas on a damp skin.
Prolonged sitting or standing, poor circulation, cramps. Excellent for travellers on plane, train, car.
Apply Jambes Legeres/Light Legs twice a day on affected and surrounding areas on a amp skin.
Post-operative stitches, wounds, old scars.
Apply Peau/Skin Gel twice a day to affected and surrounding area

Broken vein, capillaries, poor circulation and lymph drainage.
- Drink ArticulaSil/Articulations liquid each morning
- Apply VeinaSil/Vein gel 3 times a day on the affected and
surrounding area on damp skin.
Skin pigmentation from the sun, liver and age spots anywhere on the face and body.
- Apply AntiTaches/Anti-Pigmentation gel 3 times a day on the affected and
surrounding area on damp skin.
Acne and spots anywhere on the face and body.
- Apply Boutons/Spots gel 3 times a day on the affected and
surrounding area on damp skin.
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Hi there, you could try on your scalp by rubbing olive oil into it. But do it gentle and leave over night. Great for a very dry scalp and try do it on a night you are not going out, due to it can make your hair feel greasy.
The Italian's use it in there hair a lot!.
Will be good for your hair to.
Also use really good moisturising shampoo and conditioner to seal moisture back into damaged hair and maybe use a Keratin spray which is a leave-in spray after washing to rebuild strength in your hair.
Hope that helps you out.
Many thanks for your question.
Susan Adamson.
P.S Remember to wash out the olive oil next day, repeat maybe once a week then see how you go on.
hi there..a very sensitive issue...i had chemo hair and scalp were the same..but 5 years on and all is fact my hair is stronger and better than before...your scalp and skin will also calm down soon in time..i recommend l`oreal sensi balance shampoo for the scalp and serie nature..l`oreal shampoo for fine hair abondance de cacao!!! smells of chocolate and orange...a real treat and hair will be lovely and shiny.try gentle indian head massage once per month to encourage the follicles and new hair growth.facials with natural creams helps with dry skin..we have a great one called `laufin beauty` skin can exfoliate to rid you of dry skin cells then finish with a gentle cleanser and a luxury will love it..xx 01622 890296...thankyou...get well smiles and love.x


Thank you all for your help, I am doing well now, I had terminal lung cancer in 2009 and wouldn't make Xmas, I havehad 3 since and the tumour is inactive. I had never been ill in my life, but now have B12 deficiency, under active thyroid, high blood pressure anhave to regularly use inhalers. I am here and carry on with my life, it took quite a while to adjust to my capabilities now and what I could do before. I feel I am there, my oncologist said it was the treatment that caused these things but I have no complaints, everyone has been fantastic. Thanks again for your advice.
I would advice you to go and see you GP to see if they can recommend something to put on the scalp to make it less dry and sore, also they may be able to recommend a vitamin suppliment to help the condition of your hair.
Depending on the medication hair can take a long period of time to become thicker you can use shampoo's such as nioxin to help with circulation and encourage hair growth.
If you cant use a hairdryer just ensure you get most the moisture out of the hair with a towel and brush your hair how you want to see it so it will dry and sit nicely, once dry you could also use a scalp tonic to calm down any irritated area's of the scalp. Wella have a lovely product in their hair and scalp range which contains aloa vera.
Hope this helps, Good Luck
The Team at MatthewDavid Bespoke Hairdressing
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