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Question: Does this i-lipo make you lose weight in the area treated? and if so, how much?

Asked by MissAGee

7 answers

Who much does the average patient loose around the stomach area? I am 26 and have had 2 babies and shifting the weight is a pain....even 4 years on!!!! Does the proceedure hurt? and how many sessions do you suggest to see a great result? And lastly, is it painful?

Thanks x

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Thank you for your enquiry. There is no pain, no needles, no invasive surgery and it works.
I have several patients similar to you some with fat, stretch marks and so on.Please give me a call an I can answer all your questions - 07761282658

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Dear Ms AG,

There is much confusion about laser lipo smart lipo or liposuction. The result is dependent entirely upon the presenting condition, the amount of fat, the quality of the skin and the desired result the patient wants.

At Tracey Bell we offer many procedures such as Coolsculpting a completely non-invasive way of reducing fat by 20-30%, laser lipo or the referral to a preferred plastic surgeon for liposuction. It is very important that you look at all options in order to gain information and judge exactly what you want and how much you are prepared to pay.

Therefore to suggest how much an average patient will lose without seeing the individual in question. I hope this helps.

Please take a look at our website and if you would like to send us any clinical pictures we would be able to advise or of course you could attend for consultation.

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Laser lipo you can loose 1 to 6cm, depends how activate you are, laser lipo works very well if do exercises after between 24 hr, there is no pain, no invasive, needles free, to know about sessions depend the therapist see you firat.
laser lipo Bromley



Hi, Some places charge as much as 500 Pounds for a 30 minute treatment, The Q Factor laser Clinic in Torquay charge just £99 a session, and with their gold card membership, sessions last a full 60 minutes. Thank You. Dave .


I would strongly advise against I-lipo a better choice is smart lipo or bodytite i-lipo does not aspirate the fat after it is melted it allows the body to get rid of it by itself. We currently have a special going on smart lipo and bodytite. you pay the same money for them basically but again bodytite gives better result. contact NCS Cosmetic Surgeries if you have any further questions we'll be happy to help again i would recommend a consultation as it varies from patient to patient.but i would say you are looking to drop around two dress sizes.



i-Lipo is probably the safer of the list and offers no pain, smart lipo will pierce the skin and coolsculpting freezes the fat with discomfort too.




You need 8 i lipo reps in order to achieve maximum results! Its painless while there are no incisions! And yes it does work



i had good laser treatment and went from a 38 waist to 25 after 5 sessions at 40 pound a time well worth go every threee days to get the best results and drink lots of water but it is in sawtry