My lips are always dry and peeling. Is there anything I can do to get them looking lush in winter?

I gently exfoliate them using a toothbrush but it doesn't really work and they're often sore/cracked. Is there anything else I can do?
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its me again .. who was crying about her lips... finally after more than 6 months am better... i found out my braces were the culprit and caused lips to irritate!! so i got it removed!! but in this proccess.. i found out the magic trick for dry lips problem.. its "Avene cold cream". there is nothing better than this... am here just to help someone who got this problem... because i sincerely pray all lips sufferers get cured... i wish no one feel what i felt.. if ever you re having chronic chap lips or dry lips... find the cause first... try changing toothpastes, food, because the problem wont solve till you avoid the irritant... second to heal our lips, or to provide moisture in your lips use avene cold cream... its meant for dry skin problem... my dermatologist sugested this to me and its magical... i apply at night whole day my lips feel normal without any other lip balm... just try it....
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I have the same problem and find that regular lip balms like Vaseline make it 10 times worse! I visited my local pharmacy and they recommended using pure lanolin. It is usually sold for 'sore nipples and cracked skin' however I used it on my lips constantly and now they are refreshed and never peel anymore! It's the best thing I've purchased in a long time! hope this helps x
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We provide 2 products for lips which are dry, cracked, with wrinkles
and alergy.
Specific Oxugen Lip Exfoliator: Gently removes Dead Skin and softens
the skin and leaves lips Hydrated.
Specific Lip and mouth treatment: Plump lips ,Hydrate the skin,
Fill in wrinkles around lips and mouth. overcome allergy ad Redness around
lips and mouth.
If you like you can tel me on the number above and I can answer
more questions.
Apart from using lip balm and moisture products for your lips, it is best to start with moisture from within, keeping hydrated by drinking plenty of water as well as getting regular amounts of fish/fish oils in you ;-)
Avoid to use same toothbrush for teeth brushing and lip exfoliation. After all you don't need expensive brush to exfoliate your lips. Lip glosses are not recommended as well as often contain silicone which drying your lips, always use a lip balm before use of lip gloss.
Hi Laura
Sue from Bows Beauty here. I have been told of an excellent product for lips from my dermatologist, at Hammersmith hospital,Its called CERALIP made by Laroche-posay. it is a lip repair cream. really , really good
We love Dermalogica Clean Start Smart Mouth Lip Shine. A lip shield moisturises and conditions to make your lips the softest ever! It includes Vitamin E and Cocoa Seed Butter.
Or Renewal Lip Complex. A daily lip treatment that restores delicate tissue, minimizes contour lines and superior conditioning lasts of hours.
Hope this helps


I do love Carmex!
Hey Laura-d, I spent some time in OZ and while over there discovered Lucas Papaw Ointment. It's meant for burns and wounds but it's AMAZING on lips. I even mix it with Sleek (you can get it from Superdrug) eye shadows to make lip glosses. It's great for sensitive skin and come in a handy handbag sized tube. Try googling it, of if you're in London, I know Screenface in Covent Garden stock it.
Dear Laura, just use a lip balm on a regular basis - a few times a day, especially if you are going outside and sit in the office with lots of conditioning - check out this one
Exfoliating is useful but many toothpastes contain SLS's! which may be counter productive if too harsh for your skin.
I would recommend you avoid mineral/petroleum oil based balms, opt instead for natural alternatives which will nourish the skin rather than suffocate it.
Of course, Id recommend Innocent Oils - Hemp Seed Oil Balm, to protect and restore your lips to their former kissable self.
Best wishes
Helen X
Hi, The best treatment for dry lips is to replenish the moisture naturally. I would personally recommend the use of shea butter / beeswax blend which replenishes the lost moisture and also gives your lips a natural healthy gloss to them. Shea butter also gives a plumped up look to the lips as well as treating the soreness and healing the cracked skin. As we ingest most lip products I would keep away from anything that is not 100% natural as you would be effectively ingesting potential harmful chemicals. All my clients use my own natural lipbalms with great results, but you can find natural lipbalms in most health food stores or online as well. Please read the label before buying so you can avoid any preservatives and chemicals.
Susanna x


Laura, lip balms, shea butter/beeswax all sounds good to me, but one of my personal remedies is to put on your lips some extra-virgin olive oil ( better if cold pressed, so rich in vitamin E).
It's natural and usually it works wonder for me. and if it doen't work you can always use it on your salad! :-)
Laura, lip balms, shea butter/beeswax all sounds good to me, but one of my personal remedies is to put on your lips some extra-virgin olive oil ( better if cold pressed, so rich in vitamin E).
It's natural and usually it works wonder for me. and if it doen't work you can always use it on your salad! :-)
Hi Laura,
My lips are the same! I find Clinique's All about lips sorts mine out in a couple of days!
I find Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub very effective and then Dermalogica Climate Control Lip Balm to follow.
I find Dermalogica Skin prep scrub is a really good exfoliator and works well with this problem.
I would vote for not injecting your lips with anything (sounds painful!) I've heard bees wax lip balm is a winner
HI Laura - yes this can be a problem for most of us in winter - not very kissable! The best treatment for this by far would be an injectable hydrator such as Juvederm Hydrate or Restylane Vital - which would use Hyaluronic Acid (naturally present in the skin) to draw moisture to the areas where it is placed. This leads to an improved skin condition - and also prevent lines and wrinkles forming. For more information please see
Simple but effective - regular application on lip balm. I love L'Occitane Shea Butter lip balm. Enjoy x