Do you have anything that will help me concentrate? I can't focus & it interferes with my life.

I can't focus on anything, I'm really forgetful - I don't remember anything and it makes me really upset. Please help.
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Hi, Hypnotherapy can definately help as it can teach you to focus and concentrate better. Personally, I also teach my clients techniques to improve memory capacity and they work very well. If you want a free assesment feel free to get in contact. My practise is Bedfordshire based. You can email me or call 07851609238. You may be suprised at how easily you can improve your ability to remeber things, Best wishes, Nick
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If this lack of focus and forgetfulness has been ongoing since school, I would strongly recommend beginning with a trip to your GP, and any medical advice or treatment given will work even better with added complementary therapies, such as hypnotherapy, meditation, energy work, and natural supplements and essences.
All the best
I just read an article in the evening standard about how mindfulness meditation can help improve problem solving and memory. V'ery interesting stuff. I dont have a link but it was in the evening standard magazine - page21. I have read this numerous times and have experienced a much more 'focused & aware mind since I have taken up meditation.
I have always been a high energy person & had a difficult time focusing. Meditation brings you to an equilibrium, and from there you are able to be much more present minded.
If you want to know more about meditation do contact me. I teach classes in Holborn and Maida Vale/St. Johns Wood on a weekly basis.
All the best and I hope this helps.
Hi, you can try to put you attention underneath the center of you nose and then to aware your breath. When you are breathing in, you know you are breathing in. When you are breathing out, you know you are breathing out. That will be fine. Don't control your breath. just aware in breath and out breath. That will help with your problem. Best wishes!
Hi Khans. How frustrating for you. My first question to you is? when did this start? Also, are you struggling with this in work and homelife? There are treatments, but I would suggest you visit your GP. Depression or stress could be an underlying issue. So I feel it is important to get his take on it. Hope this helps.


Hi, I feel that i could never concentrate even through school im 29 now and i cant hold a job down because i forget what im meant to be doing and can not focas on things.
Hi, I feel that i could never concentrate even through school im 29 now and i cant hold a job down because i forget what im meant to be doing and can not focas on things.
Kinesiology may help you if you have neurological disorganisation (switching). Also agree with all the comments on here - B complex, Omega oils (organic), clematis and scleranthus bach remedies. Primarily I would suggest seeing a kinesiologist They can then test you and give you home exercises to do. Good luck
Kinesiology may help you if you have neurological disorganisation (switching). Also agree with all the comments on here - B complex, Omega oils (organic), clematis and scleranthus bach remedies. Primarily I would suggest seeing a kinesiologist They can then test you and give you home exercises to do
You should consider a flower essence consultation as there are various remedies which could be helpful but it's best to ascertain what the underlying cause is before taking something.
Why not try using Basil Essential oil. If you put 2/3 drops on a tissue and inhale it to help improve concentration. Don' t overuse this oil however, just on an occasional basis!!
Hello, We help you to find was to remember specific things and also we help you pinpoint the reason that you are fogetting sometimes lack of minerals may afffect memory however this cannot be determined without a full consultation. You can contact us for more


Hi Khans, the Bach remedy Clematis can be helpful when we are not mentally in the present. However, it may be better for you to consider a consultaion with a Bach practitioner. This would allow you to discuss the bigger picture of your current situation. A personal treatment bottle would then be made for you. A list of practitioners is availble on the Bach Centre website.
Hello, We help you to find was to remember specific things and also we help you pinpoint the reason that you are fogetting sometimes lack of minerals may afffect memory however this cannot be determined without a full consultation. You can contact us for more
Hi, I suggest joining a meditation group, or trying some guided meditation cd's /downloads. It will help you learn to focus your thoughts during visualisation, calm you and help destress. 5 or 10 minutes a day will bring small changes and hopefully aid in you feeling more positive about other aspects of your life.
I find Omega supplements great for concentration I suffer from mild dyslexia and find it really hard to concentrate or read and the same forgetting things all the time but I found them great I recommend to clients as it also helps balance out hormones and make you feel a lot more happy in general also fantastic to give to children for concentration when they are at school, but best to go for organic brand and some brands bulk the suppplement so you arent aure what extactly your getting i find these supplements great natures sunsine
Or Biocare Essential fatty acids, or Dr udos oil they are all quite similar though it may take a couple of months to see a big difference. Hope this helps
Before you embark on any of the therapies mentioned in other answers PLEASE see your GP first to see if there is any medical condition such as depression or stress that is causing these problems for you. You may have a long term and permanent but currently undiagnosed condition that can be helped through medication or other routes.
By all means look at alternative therapies after you have sought medical advice, but your GP should be your first step. Good luck.
Better Concentration
We use the word concentration to denote a state of mind of body where we are able to remain alert and focused upon something. These clear, focused states of being have a 'structure' and the good news is that one can usually learn to bring these 'structures' into consciousness to access these states of concentration easily.
Concentration can be learned
This is achieved by a combination of literally working with the thought processes that bring about and maintain states of concentration without effort, and by 'reconditioning' whilst in a state of light relaxation. This involves examining how we are using our visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses, that is, how we see things, talk to ourselves and subsequently feel.
It is easy to do
These processes of learning more about our states of consciousness and how to manipulate them to enter into more desirable states of being, such as concentration, are usually straightforward and entertaining for the client, almost as if an 'owner's manual' for the brain is being opened for the first time.
How long will it take for you to help me improve my concentration?
We suggest that you allow for 2 - 3 hour-long sessions for this.
Better Memory
That is, there are states of consciousness when you find it easy to remember things, and there are states of consciousness when it seems almost impossible to remember anything. Any kind of 'anxiety' state tends to mess with memory, both short term and long term memory. For example, if you are nervous when introduced to a group of people it is quite likely that their names will go straight over your head.
What Will You Do To Improve My Memory?
Memory is state dependent. Well usually the first thing to do is to train your body and mind to be more relaxed, alert and attentive. Also very often it is possible to improve your ability to remember well (and think in general) by making adjustments in your posture, Moreover, there are specific 'tricks' of the mind that you can easily learn that often work like magic.
For example, many years ago, I (Steve Tromans) was helping out at a big hypnosis seminar. Halfway through the course one of the delegates cam up to me and told me that all he really wanted from the course was the ability to remember names. Apparently his job involved meeting a lot of new people and he had developed a reputation as someone with a head like a sieve
I had heard of a particular technique for remembering names although I had never tried it out personally so here was an opportunity to test it.
There were about 400 people in the room, all doing NLP practice exercises. I told the delegate what to do and we walked around the room. Because it was a seminar everyone had a name badge so we strolled around the room, looked at one badge after another, and he did the technique in his mind. After five minutes of this we looked up at the hundreds of meandering people and he said he wasn't sure he would be able to remember any of the names at all. But as we picked our way back through the throng he absolutely amazed himself (and me) by remembering name after name after name. The spooky part was that he was remembering the names of people even when their back was turned to him (so he couldn't even glimpse their name badge). He didn't get one wrong and was quite staggered by his achievement. So, to be honest, was I!
The combination of techniques like this and hypnosis and NLP tend to be very effective in enhancing memory
I would recommend asking your Doctor for a referral to an Educational Psychologist. It could be that you are a 'highly sensitive person' and that the apparent lack of concentration is actually sensory overload. An Ed Psyc can test how your brain receives and processes information. It may be that you find it easy to concentrate on things you like but find certain information more difficult. For example, I can remember song lyrics but not names, faces or phone numbers. You can try all the therapies you like but if you don't understand your basic nature, they may only offer temporary respite from what is obviously a distressing condition.
Hi Khans, Sorry to hear you are not able to focus and also very forgetful, which I am sure is distressing and causing you a lot of stress at the moment. I can offer supportive, mindful hatha yoga and meditation that can improve your focus, concentration and memory as well as deal with the stress and anxiety it may be causing. We can change our brain which is caused neuroplasticity and what I can offer supports this. I would recommend 1:1 sessions tailored to you specifically. I also know other things that can help but would need to do a full assessment. I am happy to chat to you over the phone first. 07801 843047. Take Care & hope to hear from you. Nathalie
There are several ways in which mindfulness meditation practice, or mindful movement such as yoga and tai chi, can help. You learn to focus your mind in a relaxed way, rather than a tense, concentrated way. You work with your body to relax the body which will have a positive, relaxing impact on your parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for "destressing" you. A lot of the time, in my experience, forgetfulness and inability to focus are a result of stress, so I think the previous post form crystalhealthand healing is very relevant too. If you get upset and worried too, you'll be increasing the levels of stress hormones in the body and effectively making things worse. Relaxing your mind may seem the opposite of what you need to do, as you want to engage your mind to focus and remember, but actually relaxing a little bit and addressing stress in your life is going to help to clear a bit of space in your mind to be more aware, focussed on the present, and help you remember what you need to.
During a mindfulness course you will also learn why our minds are so prone to distraction. We all have this tendency to be distracted, it is part of the human condition. Through mindfulness meditation you gradually begin to recognise this and learn techniques to calm the mind into a relaxed focus. But it may also help you worry about it less, which is going to helpful.
Good luck.
Hi Khans, I can suggest two options one is a treatment in which I would not only identify but also resolve the problem by deep energy work - getting the root of the problem and correcting any imbalance in the body/brain by using powerful energy healing. Also I make and sell vibrational essences one in particular for focus and concentration and another which balances right/ left brain. the essences are Meditation and Copernicus and you can read about them on my web site. Web site is dated and undergoing facelift - however essences are effective and come with a money back refund if not satisfied. Healing can be in person or we can do a telephone session where you lie down at home while I work on you from a distance. This problem of forgetfulness is widespread at the moment as there are many energy shifts happening on the earth and at this present time they are accelerating. It is forecast that during this year people will become more and more empty inorder for a total shift in consciousness to occur so it may be that you fall into that category of people and in actual fact there may be nothing to worry about at all. Whatever the reason you are very welcome to contact me further for a more indepth intuitive assessment. I can recommend homeopathic remedy for you via a telephone consultation also. Best wishes Alison
The first thing to figure out is the why for the lack of concentration. Are you getting enough sleep? Do you have chronic pain which is draining you? Is it stress or exhaustion? Depression? Once you discover the cause of this condition there are herbal remedies, such as rhodiola rosea which is an adoptogen for exhaustion and oat straw or a less stress and pain combination of calendula, mint and chamomile. I have listed baldwins health notes below which is useful as well for any contraindications with medicines, conditions or herbs you may already be taking as well as suggestions for conditions. I have also listed an article link I have written on Depression and herbs to lift mood and concentration as well as my website with a link to my weekly blog that discusses a different herb each week. I do various herbal teas available from the online shop. Hope this helps.
I use a method of indentification of priorities via numerous available methods, too indepth to wrote about in the Forum , if youd like to discuss this more , leave a note here.
Hello there,
We can certainly help with focus and concentration. Would you like me to arrange a FREE telephone consultation for you to discuss the matter?


yes please.
yes please.
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