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Question: What's the difference between traditional Balinese and Javanese massage?

Asked by exmoorjane

1 answer

Would like to know the precise what kind of stroke used? Oil? Is one more invigorating or relaxing? What differentiates them?

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There is a big difference. Javanese massage is much "rougher". The javanese use something like a body scrape, similar to the Chinese, often they use a copper coin vigorously scrape the skin with that. It is used in a diagnostic way. Javanese massage is deep and use a variety of oils from neutral to hot (spicey) oils. It is used to combat injuries of illness.
Balinese massage is also deep but far more relaxing. They use techniques such as Thai thumbing, thai palming, reflexology, aromatherapy , freh herbs a body scrub. This massage lends itself much better to a Spa setting than Indonesian. Look at my webiste or

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Huge thanks, Robert. I was looking at a spa in Malaysia and they were offering a massage session using both types... so I would imagine it's a watered-down version of the Javanese... that sounds pretty amazing actually. Anyone do it in the UK? I'll certainly check out your website. :)