What are the best skincare products for winter skin?

My skin on my face and body gets really dry and patchy during winter. Are there any wonder products or treatments that could help?
Asked by elly202

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Natural oils can trap moisture and keep your skin smooth all winter.
Moisturize every day.
Use only gentle soaps on your skin.
Protect your skin from harsh, cold weather.
It will help you.
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The most important thing to do is go for Consultation to an experienced Therapist,
Many people think the skin is Dry, when it is Dehydrated.
There is a big difference between these 2 types of skin.
This is when skin does not have fluid under the cells. client thinks skin is Dry.
They feel the Tightness and roughness. In fact, this can be only Dehydration.
Solution: Treatments in salon. In Princess Soraya Salon we perform specific
treatment using ChromaLight (LED) , Steam, Gel products and gel masks
to hydrate the cells. The results can be seen after 2 or 3 reatments.
We write down correct products for Dehydration where there is no oil and no
Rich creams used. Only Gel and fluid serums.
The best way is to book for a treatment, the consultation will be free.
The treatment is 2 hours and cost:£69
Then you can judge, as you will see a bif diffrence even after 1 treatment.
Hi Elly,
Winter often affects our skin this way, due to central heating drying out the skin and then harsh conditions outside, the sudden temperature changes will not help either, (going from warm house out in the cold, harsh winds etc etc)
My advice would be change to a richer face and body cream for the winter, and use it everyday, especially at night time. Exfoliate often (twice a week is enough) and us a serum under your moisturiser for your face, use it on very dry days.
cold pressed olive oil from the chemist, really cheap and effective, midwifes even recommend it for babies skin, always works.....never fails me !!
Hi there. I have recently updated my blog(Below) where I list a few of my winter essentials the trilogy face scrub is great to remove flakey skin, for the body try body brushing its best to do this on dry skin always go towards to heart Also body oils ( grapeseed or Almond oil is great) are great for extra hydration this is also best applied after a shower . Try and stay clear of any products with mineral oil that ingredient tends to be in thicker creams you may feel that it moisturing the skin more but all its doing is just sitting on the skin and can make the problem worse. I offer body scrub treatments at my own practice and also selling my homemade body scrubs Ginger & Cinnamon and sugar body scrub this is great and leaves your skin really smoove and hydrated. For anymore questions you can contact me at monique.1uk@gmail.com
Also if you want updates with homemade recipes or latest organic finds Ive have put the link to my blog below which you can follow.
Consistent exfoliation of the skin followed by hydrating serums and rich moisturizers. In that order.
Hi Elly, I particularly like Niki's Balms, the face balm with argan and rose oil is very nourishing.
hello! In the salon we are working with the german professional thermal water based product, called Biodroga. There is a special cream, improved for winter time, help to protect, soothe and calm the skin while moisturizing very deeply (£39) Also if your body suffering from the same symptoms, we have a body treatment in the salon, the nourishing milk and honey body wrap, included a full body sugar or salt scrub, and while you are wrapped, enjoy an aromatherapy head and ear massage. Now it is 50% off, £47 only, 60 minutes. To book an appointment, call the 02075898378, or to read about us, check our website (http://www.kardabeauty.com) please! I hope I could help,
Gaby (chief cosmetologist of Karda)