I have dark hair but want to go blonde

Asked by gail180999

2 answers

I recommend you have a strand test to see if 1; the hair is strong enough to take the change and 2; to see how light the hair will lift up.
It's easy to do, they just take a small sample of your hair and test on that.
I would always recommend you go to a salon for any colouring, as home dyes are easy to get wrong and can really damage your hair.
If you're in our area, we would be happy to perform a strand test and consultation for you, it costs nothing and you can decide if you want to go ahead with it.
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Do you want full head or highlights, highlights will be less maintenanace as the roots can be blended a full head will need touching up every 3-4 weeks if your hair grows quickly. Best book with a salon for a consultation and maybe a strand test, I have seen too many orange do it at home kits so i would not advise to do yourself.
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