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Question: Gain weight by kickboxing?

Asked by ankush

6 answers

Hi..I am 18 yrs old, male weighing only 55kg. I want to join kickboxing but at the same time don't wanna loose weight, instead want to it possible? pls help, thanks..would love to hear your success story.

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The only way that you will gain weight is by eating more calories than you expend and to make sure that it is muscle that you are putting on you need to be eating the right amount of protien and also doing basic compound exercises that promote muscle growth, be they, free weight or body weight based.

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Hello Ankush, kickboxing is a high cardiovascular martial art. But due to the strength exercises coupled with the physical requirements it is a good and fast natural way to gain muscle. Now when your body starts this process you will find that your weight will actually increase depending with how your kickboxing regime is set. My younger clients report an increase in appetite and a gradual weight gain over a course of 2months.

Definitely worth your time as you don't only gain a fantastic frame but.gain great fitness and self defence skills too.

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Thnku sooooooo mch!!


Thnku sooooooo mch!!


Hi Ankush, I had and have some students with your same problem and they manage to put on weight with good shape. I always recommend cheking what and the way you eat.

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thnx for replyin


You will not gain weight by practicing demanding cardio-vascular sports such as kick boxing or boxing - you might gain some weight by gaining muscle mass with the strength conditioning exercises normally done for this sport and by eating more protein. If you enjoy kick boxing and still want to gain weight than do more weights, bodyweight exercises and keep your training to KB techniques and a couple of rounds per sessions.

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hmm will talk to my trainer thanks


No kick boxing burns a lot of calories, as for gaining weight there's a difference between muscle and fat . K ick boxing will change your shape and with this you may look bigger but still stay the same weight . Good luck give it a try take your measurements before you begin and see the results .


Hi, Gaining weight is possible with the correct diet and calorie intake. A good blend of weight training that will aid muscle development and exercise such as kickboxing will help you increase your weight. Exercise should be something that you enjoy and if it's kickboxing you should do that, but just remember that this type of exercise is predominately Cardiovascular based and will not develop muscle.

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