Are there any networking meetings in Hertford for therapists?

I am looking to network with others in the local area to be able to recommend clients.
Asked by OrangeBloomReflexology

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i will link with you if you do it vise verser
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Hi Kate, if you are a member of the AOR, there are area groups that meet, I belong to the one in Whetsone and there is another group that meets in Watford. Go on to the AOR website and choose. Hope this helps, regards Mario
Hello OrangeBloom
I run a clinic, The Healix Centre, in Southgate, but not aware of any meetings further North. Did you think of checking the noticboards in your local clinic/shop/health food shops?
You may want to join Twitter and do a more targeted search there. Through Twitter I found @hatfield_rosy who organises Athena business networking meetins for women (all industry types). This is her website on twitter
I have run a number of marketing seminars for therapists in London which have proved to be a very good way to network and share ideas. I haven't got anything planned for Hertfordshire unfortunately but you can read the feedback here:
It is worth starting your own networking group like Quantum Metta has done in London.
Also, the Wahanda team will be happy to help you I am sure!
Happy networking!
Hello, i am an Osteopath, Naturopath and Modern Acupuncturist and am based in Elstree, Hertfordshire. Where about are you based?
hi im scott im in battersea london i love to chat
I'm in Barnet. But you could start your very own meetings in Hertford - I'm sure there's lots of lovely practitioners working alone who wold love to join it.