I have a damaged toe nail - it is bruised and loose ... should it be removed and who would do this?

I damaged my big toe nail months ago wearing ill fitting trainers. It has been bruised but the nail was in tact until now. Only a few mm of growth is underneath but the toe nail (which is black and blue still) is now half off, pulling from the side - should I get it removed, and if so who by, a chiropodist or a doctor? It definitely needs to come off but I don't know how to do this without a lot of pain :( I'm worried that it will catch and come right off which will be painful.
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To be honest I would not pull the nail - it will come off in it's own time (usually when the underlying tissues are strong enough to survive without it. If it is jagged put a clean plaster over it ( breathable sort) what you might try is dripping a little tea tree oil behind the nail, this is a natural antiseptic to prevent bacteria growing on the skin beneath while the nail is still growing out. Black and blue nails that are damaged are fine, they just take longer to grow out as circulation to the lower limbs is not as good as upper limbs. Hope this is helpful
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I, personally, had bumped my pinky toe. A few swears slipped out of my mouth but it felt like the normal stub. A few hours later, under the nail was black. I looked closely at it and the blackness wall lifting my toenail off the bed of the skin, I didn't know how it got that bad. I left it for a few days, yesterday I took the tweezers and slowly pryied the nail off, making sure to break it before the bed of the nail so I wouldn't rip the whole nail off. There was no blood, only a tiny bit of pain, and I scrapped away the black, what looked like, scabbing and my toe isn't sore like it was with the nail and I feel better. And I still have quarter of a centimetre of nail left which saves pain from infection of a new one growing in.
It sound like you need to get this toenail looked at as soon as possible.
I would go striaght to a chiropodist, I doubt a GP will do anything for you (maybe a nurse).
Once your toenail underneath has grown up you may be able to have a nail tip attached by a therapist. I have done this in the past for someone who lost their toe nail and it really helped. The new toe nail grew nicely underneath and the tip helped to protect the toe. However if you do this make sure you keep your feet really clean.
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I would recommend a visit to your doctor. They will ba able to do the procedure and check that the rest of the area is ok.
Best Wishes.
You could repair with below treatment apply to effected area twice daily, and it will repair damage toenails and encourage new nail growth, if you remove your toenail, chances are less likely you will have no toenail.
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A visit to a chiropodist/podiatrist would be the best way to go. I would make an appointment ASAP before any more damage can be done. They will also be able to give you advice on what to expect for the future.
I would definitely recommend seeing a Chiropodist/Podiatrist regarding the removal of your nail, especially since it would be too painful for you to remove. They also will be able to have a look at it to see if there is any long term damage or infection, also they will be able to advise you on footwear that might be able to reduce it occurring again. Visiting a Chiropodist/Podiatrist regularly will help to keep your feet and toe nails at their best.
Hope your toe is not too painful.
I would recommend a visit to the doctor.
I personally would recommend a visit to a to gp.