Do you use the derma roller straight on the skin or do you need some kind of cream beforehand......

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Hi Mich66; the use of a topical anaesthetic or skin-numbing cream will depend on whether you are having a professional clinic treatment, or whether you are using the roller at home yourself. The micro-needles are longer on the medical/professional roller, and therefore an anaesthetic cream is used to make the treatment more comfortable.
Rollers used at home will have shorter micro-needles and can be used without any skin numbing creams.
Either way, the micro-channels which are created by use of a needling device will allow for deeper penetration of products applied directly after the needling session.
Just be sure to check whether you have a medical-grade needling device (needles will be longer than 0.5mm if it's a medical roller) or whether it's a rolling device suitable for home use.
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The practitioners at our clinic will normally apply an anesthetic cream to your skin for 45-60 minutes before your treatment to numb the treatment area. This makes it much less unpleasant. The treatment involves the Dermaroller being rolled over the problem area to produce thousands of micro-medical needle punctures in the skin. This controlled damage to the skin surface is not deep enough to elicit a scarring response; however it will cause the body to have a milder healing response. The nearby tissue is broken down and new elastin and collagen are formed. This way scarring, lines, wrinkles and pigmentation are all gently removed, being replaced over time with new scar free skin. This gives the renewed skin surface a much brighter, more youthful and clear appearance. The practitioners can control the depth of needling to achieve the best result – we can go as deep as 1.5mm on the face, which has proven successful in removing scars, and as deep as 3mm on the body. The practitioner will assess how deep or superficial they need to go. If you want to know more please get in touch. Where are you based?