Can you use a whitener if you have any type of gum disease?

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Gum disease is one of the instances when a dentist would not recommend that you have teeth whitening treatment. However, this will be dependent on the severity of your gum disease and also how receded your gums are as a result of the disease.
Before you undertake any form of whitening treatment you need to have a dental examination and you also should only undergo whitening treatments that are supplied or provided by dentists. Common methods are teeth whitening strips, trays, or in-surgery (chairside whitening).
It's likely that chairside whitening (where they use very strong gels which often leads to very painful sensitivity) will be out of the question, but you may be more suited to a system that uses milder gel and that is applied over a period of days, such as teeth whitening strips or gels with trays.


thank you that's very helpful. How do the strips work? Do they just sit on the teeth?
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Yes teeth whitening is only affecting your teeth, and should not contact your gums so your fine try
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