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Question: What is the best exercise to get big arms fast?

Asked by WillM

9 answers

I am going back to school in a few weeks and am looking to get bigger arms to help with my squash training.

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Try and do as many body weight excises, for example pull ups, press ups and burpees. For body weight exercises aim for 4 sets of 15 reps. Also if you have dumbbells, there are a number of bicep and tricep exercises you can do which can be found on the internet, for this you want to aim for 4 sets of 6-8 reps with a heavy weight!

Tip: You want to train your biceps and triceps equally, so try and do one bicep exercise followed by a tricep exercise and so on!

Happy Training

Sources: Dean Callis Personal Training Company

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Hey Will, @deancallisPT had a few good suggestions so if you go down this route you won't go far wrong. If you want shapely arms your best bet is to do a range of bicep (hammer curls are a great exercise for creating the pumped look) and tricep exercises. Tricep exercises will deliver the best results if you're looking for quick results as they are the larger muscle.

Slow down the eccentric (lengthening) phase of the lift. So if you're doing a bicep curl for example, slow down the rate at which you return the dumbbell back to the start position. This increases the time your muscle is under tension and will increase size in no time.


simply making your arms bigger isnt going to make you a better squash player, you need to look at training the movement patterns as well that are involved in the game.
However there is more to making your muscles bigger as you can do all the exercises you want if you are not getting enough protein they wont grow....period.
stick with heavy barbell curls using an olympic bar and alternate dumbell curls to grow you also need to train the whole body with compound movements as this will release more growth hormone and testosterone into your system sparking greater growth potential and if you want to grow you need to dead lift......period. Also chin ups, bent over barbell rows will help with bicep growth. However if you want bigger arms hit your triceps hard with weighted dips, close grip bench, french press and weighted bench dips. Your tricep muscle accounts for 2 thirds of arm mass. You will also need to eat more calories than you use as the body will need the calories for energy to grow muscle.
If you want to increase the speed of your raquet skills you will need to introduce plyometric training into your programme as well as you will need to train your muscles for speed strength and not just contractile strength.If you are serious about wanting help then email me at and i will write you a programme that will work for you.


There are too many way to make your guns bigger, My suggestion start to working super set, 3 to 6 set of 6- 12 reps
Best exercises are for Triceps ( Bigger group of muscle and make your arms bigger )
Dips, cable Push down, Arnold Dumbell press ( Makes sure you use variety of angle work )
Best exercises for Biceps and front arm, Hummer curl, cable arm curl, incline concentric db reverse

if you do those 3 x a week for 4 weeks your arm will be massive , when you wanna definition do more reps less weight and more body weight ( like press ups )

good luck
Murat Gecmen
Bsc( Sports science ) Personal Trainer



no it your coure that need to strong it not a big arms that will do it


there is a great system call TRX is great all sports conditioning, great core work and there a foot ball conditioning workout Man u are starting to use all major sports teams now are looking into , mainly uses your own body and injury too

good luck hope this help if you need any more help
drop me a e mail

yours in fitness


Well for a start getting bigger arms for squash isn't really what you need as all the ways the other guys are suggesting have no squash improving funtionality at all - apart from maybe the bodyweight exercises.
But I would go with increasing your weights on all exercises and doing some strength training ie 5x5 for deadlift (this will impove grip/forearm strength and the whole arm and shoulder), bench press, chin ups (weighted if you can do 10 in a row).
Finish your strength workouts with higher reps for direct bicep and tricep work such as - close grip bench press, barbell curls, hammer curls, dips, and other direct arm exercises. Superset these at 3x12-15 reps.
Eat loads as well

Hope this helps and if you need more help just ask :)

Tim Walker BSc



Big and possibly heavy arms may actually have a negative impact on your squash game; unless they are under-developed in relation to the rest of you body. As an explosive sport you should emphase a strength/endurance program that satifies the speed element of the game as well as the endurance stamina componants for longer rallies. One approach it to use a handle cycle - select a undulating interval program which adjusts every 10-20 seconds or so for 5-10 minutes. this will improve your stamina as well as you tolerance to lactic acid (a burning sensation in muscle) . For strength/endurance focus on your shoulders and grip -as much as your biceps and triceps. Try a half/weight double reps approach - this will see you perform 10 reps at 80% effort - then 20 reps at half the previous effort/weight. Use this approach for all body parts; especially for squats and lunges. I should also point out that the majority of your power actually emerges from you hips and trunk muscles - for this reason you should include rotary training and deceleration training for the hamstrings.

Sorry to throw so much at you but hopefully it give you food for thought.



bash your bish

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