Home eyebrow tinting??

Is it easy to home tint your eyebrows? If so what products do I need to buy and where from??
Asked by Tulip1974

6 answers

I wouldn't recommend anyone to tint at home,it could be dangerous if you don't have the right amount of oxidant. its much safer to have it done by a professionally, save your self from a disaster,i charge £10 for eyelash & brow tint, it just takes between 15 & 20 mins
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You can buy from boots , but it not the strenght or depth of a proffesional product.
It would certainly be more convenient for you to have a professional tint your brows for you. And, most of the more effective tints are sold exclusively to licensed professionals. There is a reason for this.
Boots sell home kits but I would recommend getting it done by a professional.
Eyebrow tint is a strictly professional product as it is much stronger than other hair dyes. It is far better to get it done professionally - this way you can save yourself from some eyebrow disasters.
I wouldn't recommend home tinting. Eyebrow tinting in salon is quick and relatively cheap. I charge £8 in my salon and it takes 10 mins.
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