Can anyone recommend any good natural remedies for fatigue?

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you can try chinese supplement herb medicine: Gensing, or Lin Zhi (chinese mashroom), or Cordyceps sinensis etc. natural remedies.


Thanks, I had heard ginseng was good for boosting energy. Do you know if it is safe to take alongside other supplements/medication?
generaly, ginseng is very safe with most medicatino, it's not very suitable for somebody who suffer High Blood Pressure, insomnia, cold, fever, sour throat etc. please don't drink tea during you take ginseng.
also it's not good to take with probanthine, atropine, durabolin, cardiac glycosides etc west medicine, it's better to consultant your pharmacist if you take other medication.
thank you!
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As mentioned earlier it is a case of working out what is the root cause and looking outside of the usual culprits.
There are so many things that can slow us down.
If it is all about wanting to sleep it may be about the person having starting depression (hence the exploring all avenues)
My suggestion would be acupuncture it really does work...
Cool shower your legs, eat within 2 hours of exercise, warm bath, stretches and regular exercise
I have recently helped a lady with fatigue (reiki treatment), so give reiki a go. Alongside dietary needs both emotional and mental factors can greatly alter health so take stock of what is happening in your life right now, are you fed up with or resisting something.
aloe vera drinking gel is very good for fatigue and also helps hari, skin and nails! :-)
A healthy, healing lifestyle can help tremendously. There have been lots of excellent suggestions made here already.
I can share my personal experience. A few years ago, I used to feel tired, stressed, low and would fall ill quite often. Then I discovered Reiki. I learnt Reiki (a natural healing technique). This enabled me to be able to give myself a Reiki treatment everyday. The first difference I noticed within me was the improvement in my energy levels. Reiki restores balance within our being. When we are in better balance, the symptoms tend to disappear gradually. We start making better choices for ourselves.
You can find out more about my story (, and learning Reiki ( on my website. To be able to find a Reiki Practitioner/Reiki Teacher in your area, you can visit the website of Reiki Association (
Hope this is helpful and you are feeling better soon.
If you are tired all the time, maybe look at your sleep. You need to be in bed by 1030pm and need 8-10 hours solid sleep a night in a blacked out room. If you have trouble falling asleep, try to minimse your exposure to bright lights (esp tv and computer). You may be deficient in magnesium which when taken during the last meal before bed can help improve sleep.
Try to eat meals that are balanced in carbs (low GI), good fats and proteins as well. Eating every 2-3 hours helps to keep blood sugar more level and avoid stimulants like caffine and sugar as this will drain you.
L-Carnatine in the morning can help with energy as well
I would recommend a gentle Reiki treatment to rebalance the body's flow of energy and then follow this up with an invigorating holistic massage tailored to suit your requirements. Simple and natural.
Good luck ... John
i would highly recommend lifepak its a fantastic supplement that you can take the benefits are :Offers superior anti-ageing benefits and cell support by providing the body with important antioxidantsand phytonutrients such as alpha-lipoic acid and catechins.
• Improves your antioxidant support network with 40 antioxidants (such as proprietary vitamin E, bufferedvitamin C, selenium, copper, zinc, manganese, six carotenoids, flavonoids (catechins and over 10 grape seedpolyphenols) and alpha-lipoic acid).
• Provides high bone nutrition support. Bone minerals calcium and magnesium are included in LifePak® asthe building blocks of bone health. LifePak® provides vitamin D to regulate calcium and vitamin K to helptransport calcium to the bone.
• Promotes immune function with high levels of vitamin A, C, E, carotenoids, vitamin B6 and zinc.
Oh my goodness. I remember those days!
I used to be very sluggish and even after I started eating mostly raw, I still didn't have any energy. I just chalked it up to growing older.
Then I went looking for something natural for my arthritis and I found oxygen therapy. I have been on oxygen therapy for over 2 years now and my energy levels are through the roof!
I will be 63 in December and I have started dancing again. I party with younger friends. And I feel like I have a life again.
No more dinner at 6 and in bed by 8 for me.
I am ALIVE again!
The Oxygen Therapy Program can be used many ways. The only important thing is to get the oxygen into your body by any of several different methods.
There are some people who prefer the inhalation method, which works very well, and others who simply bathe in it or spritz it on after a shower... but I have chosen the oral method and it has become my therapy-of-choice for life!
Best of luck, AngharadM!
CoQ10, B Complex and Vitamin C
If you are sleeping well, then there is usually an underlying cause of fatigue. The foods you eat, particularly grains, rather than protein in the form of meat, are very likely to cause fatigue. If you eliminate troublesome foods (please get tested by a kinesiologist or similar) and are still feeling tired all the time, please get tested for a yeast overgrowth in your gut called candida albicans and also for parasites which are both common causes of fatigue. For that you will need anti-fungal remedies like grapefruit seed extract (caprylic acid) or lapacho but you will do better to find a therapist who can work out the best remedy for you.
yes ginseng is good but may not get in uk now 5-htp is good this can help with sleep and mood
I would also recommend L-carnithine which increases energy production at a cellular level.
just by cutting oily and fatty foods like meats, chicken and fried foods, you can become more energetic. Ypur blood becomes cleaner and therefore more oxygen flows.
Try it for three weeks and you will see the difference.
Mohamed Caffoor
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