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Question: Eyelash extension - glue test :-( immediate reaction.How can I make my short eyelashes look longer?

Asked by jacquiw 5 years ago

10 answers

I am back again. Thanks to everyone for your replies to my previous question. I had a patch test and I had an immediate reaction to the glue. I wanted to have fuller longer eyelashes so that my eyes would look bigger and gorgeous ( as seen on other girls). Are there alternatives to making my eyelashes look fuller and lush thus creating the illusion of having bigger dreamier eyes? :-)

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LASHbyFrancesca 5 years ago

You could always try a patch test with the sensitive eyelash extension glue. This glue doesn't last as long as the high perfermance ones but if you don't react to the sensitive glue, this could be your solution.

If you do react to this glue, then there's always the clusters, strip lashes or semi-permanent mascara (patch test required for this treatment too).



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jacquiw 5 years ago

Hi again Francesca, what is the difference between clusters, strip lashes? Will glue still be used, as when the girl applied the clue I vaguely remember her saying something about the glue being a strong glue? The patch test was carried out at the corner of my eye lash line. How long do they last? Will they work on short eyelashes? I am being a bit greedy with the questions :-). Thanks again. I will be looking at your website (I live in southeast London).

LASHbyFrancesca 5 years ago

Patch testing of the glue should NEVER TOUCH THE SKIN, the manufacturers of my EE glue clearly state it is not designed to touch the skin. If patch testing, you should place the glue on the lashes!
You should use non-professional glues for cluster lashes (google it) or strip lashes and you can apply these yourself (or get a beauty therapist if you wish) and they are designed to not last as long, and easier to remove!

shellslashes 2 years ago

would you be allowed to place strong glue on cluster lashes if you was requested to do so and they wanted you to use that glue for more lasting results

shellslashes 2 years ago

would you be allowed to place strong glue on cluster lashes if you was requested to do so and they wanted you to use that glue for more lasting results

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Emmastalker68 5 years ago

Where did they put the glue for the patch test?
As Francesca said there is the sensitive glue but it doesn't have the longevity of the other lash glues.
I do the Cry Baby semi permanent mascara which have to be patch tested before applying. However if you were patch tested on the lash line just next to the eyes with the glue and reacted then i would suspect you will react exactly the same way as the base bonder is the same chemical constituents as lash extension glue.
It may be that you have to use the lash clusters or strip lashes


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jacquiw 5 years ago

Hi, she applied the glue on the lash line (corner). I will look into lash clusters or strip lashes. Thanks.

FacesbyRobin-LE 5 years ago

Eyepencil applications can sometimes make one's eyes appear bigger and can give the illusion of fuller lashes. Also, darker eyeshadow can give the same illusion. Both should be applied at the base of the lash line, with the shadow being applied from the base, up to the eye crease.
From your description of your reaction to the lash glue, you may have latex allergies. I have the same. Ah, but I have devised a way to apply the semi-permanent lashes further up my lashes instead of the suggested 1mm from the base of the lash line as is taught. I apply the lashes about 2 to 3mm from the lash line instead. As a result, I can wear the semi-permanent lashes without any irritation whatsoever.

Lara-Griffiths 5 years ago

Hi. Your answer is in Careprost. I have a huge percentage of clients who swear by this product and I am a prolific user myself.
It will change your eyebrows and lashes in two weeks and far surpasses anything else on the market.
Just out of interest, which adhesive did you react to? I have never had anyone react to the products I use and have done thousands.

SheilaB 5 years ago

Hi , you could try an LVL treatment to lengthen your natural lashes with a tint (it's similiar to lash perming but using a silicone shield to lengthen rather than curl the lashes). It lasts between 8-10 weeks.

Also, Semi Permanent Eyelash Enhancement/Eyeliner which will give the appearance of thicker lashes, this is coloured pigment implanted by a dotting technique between the lash roots, into the dermal layer of the skin and will last between 2-5 years ( you'll save on the purchase of eyeliner too :)



BePampered 5 years ago

Was the patch test carried out on your skin or on the eyelashes? If the patch test was on the skin then you will get a reaction to it - this is normal because when having the treatment the glue should not touch the skin. This is the dilemma with the requirement to having to do a patch test.

sue54 5 years ago

yes definitely.... Jane Iredale mineral make up have a beautiful lash conditioner. If you put loads of this on to your eyelashes then your mascara you will have the most amazing eye lashes. The conditioner will really look after your lashes as well.


hedda 5 years ago

Try "Rapid Lash" from Boots, it really works! The only problem, once you stop your lashes revert to the way they were before.

laurasmobilebeautytreats 5 years ago

Yes you could have your lashes tinted and permed. Also I love YSL false lash mascara its amazing.


Christibelle62 4 years ago

Jaquiw, the first thing you need to find is an eyelash technician who uses a glue that is quite thin, because this means there is a very tiny amount of glue needed to attach an extension. Then be sure they apply them attached to only one of your lashes at a time. This will assure you that they are using the tiniest amount of glue possible. The glue cannot be applied to your skin, and the extensions need to be attached about 2 mm away from your eyelid. If you were to come into my salon with this question, I would offer to attach six lashes to the outer edges of your eyelids, and see how you react to them. The glue I use is sold by Eyelash Addict, and has proven to be the solution to many of my clients who have formed allergies to this type of glue. It is a very low fume glue that dries quickly and bonds for approximately eight weeks. There are still, however a few of my previous clients who are not able to have lash extensions even using the above precautions, and product.


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