How many days should you leave between each session on a sunbed?

Asked by Kimmytoots

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365 days ... Don't go on them....!!!! You may look good for a while but they are the skins worst enemies. Your skin will eventually toughen up, your face will wrinkle before it's time and you will regret the day you ever set eyes on a sunbed. Don't just avoid sunbeds, avoid the sun as well.
There are loads of face and body tanning products you can use these days that are very safe and look natural so opt for one of these or get a spray tan.
I don't suppose this is the advice you wanted to hear but as someone who treats women who now regret sunbathing or visiting the tanning booth on a regular basis, it really is good advice and given with the very best intention.
Maureen McGowan
MMC Holistic Therapies
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I would say go on the bed once a week once you have an established tan. Or twice a week to start. Make sure your skin is not red after each session as if it is stay away until it has died down. If you do it in moderation then you will be fine. Its like drinking and smoking if you do it alot you will harm yourself but in moderation then you will be ok
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