Can anyone briefly outline some simple pranayama techniques to practise during the day?

I'm interested in pranayama after I first tried some of these techniques in India last year. I don't have much time to attend classes - can anyone help me with some breathing exercises I could do at home or at my desk?
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I would start with simply observing the breath as intimately as you can. Before you launch into some breath control technique simply observe the quality of your breath and the action of the diaphragm at the base of the rib cage. As you gently start deepening the inward and outward breath, watch for sensasions or tension creeping into the face. Then move on to the more advanced practices. This can never be practiced to much, I always spend some time tuning in before working deeper.
Hope this helps, Sara
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yes breath until the air has got to th ;last bit of lungs hold oppisite noistril then relese and place thumb over the other side of the noistril until you have fully breathed out do this for 6 10 repetitions hope this helps great for if you have colds to.
It is not as simple to just explain on paper, you need a proper guide to teach this as if done incorrectly there is more harm than benefit.
I will be running sessions in Watford next month, it will be very useful to attend just one class.


thanks, unfortunately Watford is too far for me to travel - do you ever run classes in South London?
Hi, this is kapalbhati (I attached the link with the explanation), it is not dangerous and great to practice at the office during the day to clear the head and calm the mind. There is also the alternate nostril breathing technique. I used to practice both before stressfull meetings and then things would kind of solve themselves, cause I was more focused, centered.
The alternate breathing is not dangerous if there is no retention involved. Breath out for four counts out of the left nostril, then breathe in for four counts from the left as well, breathe out on the right for four counts and breathe in for four counts on the right. Continue for 6 rounds or 12. If you feel discomfort stop.
If one of your nostrils is blocked you may need to unblock it though... good techniques:
Lay on the opposite side of the blocked nostril for a while, or do some kapalbhati as explained in that link
Good luck. Would love to hear if it works!


Thank you! Will definitely be giving these a go :-)
Hi, check out some of the breath techniques on u tube. That way you will get a practical demo and also 5 mins to practice. You can then try them out during the day. Good luck.
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Yes I could help you with some breathing exercises and meditation techniques .I could come to your home depending where you live.They cant really be explained in an email...please feel free to cal me 07985159992 thanks regards


Thanks - I was really just hoping for some written instructions though. My teacher in India gave me a very helpful print out detailing certain techniques - unfortunately I have gone and lost it! I may consider classes/tuition at some point but at the moment that just isn't an option time wise.
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