How long does the area stay reddened after microdermabrasion?

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Your skin should have a healthy pink glow to it which may last a day or so then calm down. You shouldn't look like your skin has been scrubbed to within an inch of it's life! If your skin is delicate then a light Glycolic peel may suit your skin's texture better than microdermabrasion.
If an area has been worked on and then extractions done as well you may find this area takes a little longer to recover.
Treat your skin with care after any invasive treatment and you should be wearing a minimum of a factor 25 suncream to protect your skin to avoid hyperpigmentation.
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hello - normally the skin is only slightly pink - a bit like a mild sunburn for a few hours and you can do all your normal stuff except saunas and sun exposure. It really is a no down time procedure.
I conquer with Maggiehill!
There are some excellent post treatment products that your skin therapist can and should use after a treatment to minimise the discomfort or redness caused by microdermabrasion.
Some mild flushing with a tingling feeling is normal. Your face can feel progressively tighter for a few days with some superficial dryness ( depending of the depth of treatment performed). Soothing, hydrating post procedure products can really help such as Skinmedica's Ceramide cream or their wonderful CalmPlex Anti Redness cream and Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Gel - see links below for information
That said - some degree of inflammation is needed as its through this skin healing mechanism that these treatments work. Inflammation is an indicator to the body that repair is needed - a bit like the man from the council highlighting a pothole with spray paint for the repair men to come and fill it in!
The repair in this case is fibroblast stimulation initiating the formation of new collagen for a smoother firmer skin.
Hope that helps
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Hi SuzyQ - visit a good skin clinic for a thorough skin analysis first to see if the treatment is suited to your skin type - then enjoy your treatment! Skin will be slightly pink afterwards, this will subside in a matter of hours or a day or so - this depends very much on your skin's individual reaction to the treatment, also the type of machine used and the intensity level you have been treated at. Also consider a light peel to maximise the results of your microdermabrasion.
Your complexion will have a light shade of pink or red glow immediately after the treatment. Your skin may feel a little hot or flushed something like very mild sunburn or windburn on a first day. These effects on average disappear the next day. Always have a consultation first. After your treatment avoid direct sun exposure for at least 1 week.