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Question: Has anyone had any experience of permanent make up treatments, eg brow tattooing?

Asked by AngharadM

10 answers

I'm interested to know if anyone has used permanent make up to enhance their features, particularly their eyebrows. I'd also love to know if the final result appears natural, and what can be done if you don't like the way it looks afterwards?!

Eyebrow and Eyelash Treatments

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Hi there,

I'm the director of HAZEL DIAMOND - Semi -Permanent Make up!
Indeed I've had my eyeliner done and only a very subtle enhancement to my top lash line (great for holiday's)
My clients that have undergone Chemo Therapy or Alopecia have found my art work to be life changing!

Once it's complete you will absolutely love the natural results and the fact that you wake up done 24/7, saves so much time in the morning.

To be honest I have not come across any of my clients wanting to have their semi-permanent makeup reversed afterwards, but indeed I've had to do some corrective work for those that have been unfortunate to have been abroad for example, where it was not up to standard!

Have a look at my website and reviews on wahanda and feel free to contact me directly as it would be good to further explain and answer any more questions you may have!

kind regards,

Hazel diamond
+44(0)75353 53369


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Color Adjustments
Permanent makeup colors can be modified or changed. On the first procedure, the permanent makeup pigment color + your skin pigment color = final pigment color. (Two persons choosing the same pigment color will look similar but not identical) On additional procedures, when you apply a different color over an existing color, it will blend to create a new color. First pigment color + skin pigment color + second pigment color = final pigment color.

permanent makeup pink purple eyebrows green eyebrows grey gray eyebrows black turns blue lips purple blue black
Odd Permanent Makeup Colors
The ugly truth about permanent makeup colors – what everyone knows but won’t tell.What may be hiding under topical makeup: purple eyebrows, pink eyebrows, rusty peach eyebrows, green eyebrows, gray eyebrows, black brows or eyeliner that turned blue, lip color that looks maroon, purplish lips, bluish lips, grayish lips, and black lips. There are three sets of causes for permanent makeup colors turning weird. Undesirable permanent makeup color changes may be due to 1) pigment type used, 2) technician inexperience, or 3) hyperpigmentation physiological response.

1) Pigment type.
The two groups of permanent makeup “types” are A) non-iron oxide and B) iron oxide. The most undesirable color changes occur with iron oxide pigments. I DO NOT use iron oxide pigments. A reason more important than undesirable color changes is the fact that iron oxide pigments leave a rusty pink peach trace in the skin after the color has faded off. Non-iron oxide pigments fade off without any traces as though they were never there in the first place, which is important when permanent makeup needs to be redesigned. Permanent makeup needs to be adjusted over the years as facial skin drops with aging, altering angles and/or placement. It may need adjustments after cosmetic surgery/ face lifts. Permanent makeup needs to be redesigned if it was a bad shape to begin with, had improper placement, or had other errors/ mistakes. Colors can always be changed/ adjusted/ corrected, but when an eyebrow or eyeliner line needs to be in a different spot, the iron oxide pink trace can limit options.
A) Non-iron oxide pigment color changes. The worse thing that happens with non-iron oxide permanent makeup is that warm brow colors turn ashy over the years as it is fading off, and will need a warm-up touch-up. A swipe of brow powder is a quick fix until you schedule an appt. If adjustments in shape or placement is desired, allow the permanent makeup to fade off as much as possible before the redo. Non-iron oxide eyeliner colors hold pretty well. Blacks can sometimes appear to have a slight tinge of blue after a few years in cool skin tones viewed under cool lighting. Dark blackbrown can be substituted for black. Lip colors fade off without much change other than becoming a lighter version of the original.

B) Iron Oxide pigment color changes. Iron oxide brown permanent eyebrow colors tend to turn pink & purple in about a year. Then a peachy pink trace is left in the skin and it never seems to go away. Iron oxide black eyeliner is notorious for shifting toward blue over the years. Pigments placed in facial skin have different results than the same pigment placed on the body. Facial skin tone is different than the rest of the body, skin is thinner, and the face is exposed to more UV rays. Iron oxide lip colors begin to look a little maroon.
iron oxide permanent eyebrows eventually turn pink
photo courtesy Premier Pigments
2) Technician inexperience.
Permanent makeup color results are not an exact science. Results are a combination of experience, education, best guess, and luck. Pigment companies sell lots of colors, but experienced permanent makeup artists learn to add a pinch of this and a dash of that to make the color turn out right for each client. It takes years of observation of various colors used on various skin tones to know what to expect from the colors. The artist needs to know how a color looked after several months and after several years. If the client wasn’t thrilled with the artist the first time around, the client goes somewhere else the next time, and the first artist doesn’t have a clue what is happening with the colors and keeps doing the same thing the same way. Some manufacturers make better pigments, but even within the best, there are certain colors experience teaches one to steer away from. Correcting colors is easier than getting it right the first time. Manufacturers make pre-mixed color correction bottles.

Daytime / Nighttime Makeup, Indoor / Outdoor Makeup
Makeup and skin tones might look fine in front of the bathroom mirror at home, but then looks too pink/red and harsh outdoors, bluish at the office, and greenish at the restaurant. Residential lighting is typically “warm” and has a red or yellow cast. Office lighting is typically “cool” and has a blue or green cast. The color of light, whether indoor or outdoor, natural or artificial, has a color temperature expressed in Kelvins (K) to describe the warm to cool tone. A Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a method for describing the effect of a light source on the color appearance of objects or people on a scale of 0-100. It gets worse! The color of the lighting is further complicated by color reflections or light waves bouncing off walls, furniture, and carpet. Pictures taken in outdoor light uaually show exaggerated reds and pinks in facial skin. Pictures taken outdoors but in the shade will usually look blue. Surround yourself with plants for green skin tones. As you know, facial skin tones are affected by the color of your clothing. We all have certain colors we do or don’t look good in. Eye color can look different with color of clothing. Skin tones, topical makeup, and permanent makeup are all affected by environmental lighting, and permanent makeup is affected by skin tones.

The permanent makeup is in the upper dermis layer. The epidermis is on top of the permanent makeup, so you are looking through a thin layer of skin to see it. This thin layer of skin has reddish, bluish, or whatever color of skin tones, so it is like looking through a sheer curtain of whatever color. A permanent makeup artist considers skin tones when applying permanent makeup, but the permanent makeup color hue and luminance will be affected by environmental lighting. Skin tones and topical makeup are affected as well, but people accept and excuse it. When someone tells friends that they have permanent makeup, it is placed under extreme scrutiny due to fascination that it is a makeup tattoo. Click on the pop-up chart to see how different colors of light affect different colors of objects. Light intensity is another variable. Makeup may look too strong in bright light, or not strong enough in low light. Since permanent makeup does not have a dimmer switch, there may be times when you need to tone it down with powder in bright light, or beef it up with more makeup on top for low intensity lighting. Color selections are ultimately the client's choice. Keep in mind that the more neutral and natural tones have a broader, across the board acceptable appearance in multiple lighting situations (topical makeup and permanent makeup).


So yhen lady apply on my eyebrows black and they are grey now.wvhih pogment she sgould use to cover.gor example like vhocklet brown ? With orange vorector? Please help because she font know what to do mow


So yhen lady apply on my eyebrows black and they are grey now.wvhih pogment she sgould use to cover.gor example like vhocklet brown ? With orange vorector? Please help because she font know what to do mow


So yhen lady apply on my eyebrows black and they are grey now.wvhih pogment she sgould use to cover.gor example like vhocklet brown ? With orange vorector? Please help because she font know what to do mow

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I have had my eyebrows done, I love them I never have to worry about the shape or colour much now, the specialist took mine a little higher than my natural she advised it would give a more youthful look which it does no one ever knows they are not natural i actually joke telling them i have a tatoo on my face they are surprised when i tell them its my brows, I have the fine hairs look.

Sources: Natural Enhancments from London did mine.

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Thanks! Can I also ask roughly how much it cost?


Costs around £350 from a reputable techician.


Eye-brows are one of the most popular permanent make-up treatments in our clinic - highly qualified therapist, natural look for your eyebrows, individual approach to choosing the right ink colour according to your appearance. Result: happy clients. Had in fact also a few patients who came to us from somewhere else to correct what has been done to their eyebrows - left very happy. Eyebrows cost £250. The treatment takes about 2 hours.

Sources: Body Silk Clinic - 02072835800


I have had my eyeliner, brows, lip liner & lipblush all done, the brows and lips dropped out very quickly (within a year) but my eyeliner a lovely pale green that I chose is still looking great almost three years on! I can cover it with other coloured make-up when I choose to.
I had mine done in Hove, East Sussex by



semi permanent makeup is wonderful when done well. I have full face - ie brows, eyeliner and fashion liner, lip liner, freckles and beauty marks.
To be truthful, in my experience ( I own a large salon which offers the treatments) eyeliner is more successful than brows. it is really important to take care when healing and invariably, holes can appear in the colour where healing has been affected.
I would now ALWAYS recommend HD brows over semi perm brows as the result is much more precise, the colour better and the longevity greater. Brows go orange or grey (depending on the colour used) and i always Hd mine over the top to get the prefect brow.
Hair strokes, rather than block colour too, although as the lines are so small, they spread over time to appear as a block.
Lazer remover is your only way to get rid of the tattoo. I have orange marks from brows 9 years old which never fully disappear.
To summerise, Hd your brows, tattoo your liner and other facial marks.
Hope this helps.

Sources: Experience, experience, experience.


hi,i offer this survice in beauty forever,is take abut 2hrs,the resulyt is verry good,is last up to 2-4years!!!llook very natural,you can chouse shape you been driming!!!4



How long does permanent makeup last?
Permanent makeup will fade off over the years. While this may be disappointing to some people, others may be more comfortable with this knowledge. The national average time span between touchups is said to be 4-6 years for eyebrows and eyeliner, 3-4 years for lips. Occasionally a person can be found who has had their permanent makeup over 10 years, but it is a rare occasion. There are other people who need a touchup after a couple of years. The disappearing permanent makeup is faded by UV rays, pigment removal by the body via ducts in eyelash and eyebrow hair follicles, possibly body chemistry, anti-aging products applied to the face, cellular turnover - rejuvenation, etc. Lighter colors fade faster than darker colors. Permanent makeup lasts longer on older women because they aren’t out playing in the sun as much, and their cellular turnover rate is slower. The bright side to "permanent" makeup fading off is that it makes it easier to change color, shape, and placement over the years.

How long the permanent makeup lasts also varies with who did it. Differences among permanent makeup artists include 1) technique, 2) amount of pigment implanted, and 3) type of pigments used. The technique must implant the pigment at the correct level. Sometimes artists are not sure what the correct level is, or want to avoid hurting the client. The correct needle depth has slight differences in various age groups, skin types, and area being worked on. The amount of pigment implanted must be sufficient. Rush jobs are usually gone or mostly gone before a year has passed. Minute for minute, an electric machine will implant more than manual hand tap. Sometimes less pigment is implanted for a light or barely there look, as is the case with lash enhancement or blush. The type of pigment has a lot to do with how long the permanent makeup will last. Pigments made by one manufacturer may work better for permanent makeup than another’s. The pigment brand chosen for use by a permanent makeup artist is influenced by the beliefs of their instructor, who was influenced by their own instructor. Like other types of sales, pigment manufacturers have their pitch and mud throwing.



Hi, My name is Su Jackson and I'm a permanent makeup technician trained by the prestigious Nouveau Contour and Karen Betts ...Please take a look at my website and Facebook business page and get in touch . If I can help and answer any questions or concerns I will
It is always best to fully research your technician and make sure you trust and are comfortable with how they work and the standards they adhere to. Never base your decision on cost .
Best Wishes



I am Indian, and have just had my lips done. My bottom lips are purple blue, and my top lips patch pink and purlple... I am so distressed. what is the procedure to fix this?? the colours?? can this even be fixed??


I had a colour boost 3 weeks ago and it's already faded. First had my eyebrows done 4 years ago always with same person, however noticed they were bluesy grey, but she said ok to do colour boost on top. Now I'm £300 down and because they are blue and faded i am back to pencil.