how do you get rid off millia on your face

Asked by janettesmith

4 answers

Make an appointment with your dermatologist who can prescribe a cream to help getting rid of milia. You can also purchase a glycolic face cleanser and an exfoliating facial scrub, but speak to the pharmacist first to make sure you select suitable products for you.
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Once the milia are there they need removing as changes to your home skincare will not remove them. A trained therapist will be qualified in extraction-but check 1st as not all are taught. Once removed- you will find that there will be little or no marking once removed and healed-may take a couple of days but shouldn't take long if done professionally you should then go for a professional skincare range-not a Boots special to avoid re-occurance.
Milia are basically small hardened blockages of sebum.Sometimes these can be extracted professionally but will leave some temporary marks which can be inconvenient.I find that a home care system that includes glycolic or salicylic helps reduce the formation of these,and a exfoliating peel would also be very beneficial to speed up the treatment process.Also using a non-oily hydrator would help.Definitely seek professional help as self treatment is not very succesful,as before I was a therapist some 25 years ago I tried to treat myself with awful results!
You need to seek a licensed skin specialist for extractions of the milia, followed by a deep cleansing facial combined with pore cleansing. You will also need to begin using a home care regime that contain products designed to address exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, etc. to prevent further milia.
You and your skin specialist will also want to discuss any factors in your life that may be causing the milia? Afterwhich, you will want to begin preventive measures to prevent or surpress future outbreaks.
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