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Question: Whats the best thing for dry cracked feet? I have tried lots of different creams!

Asked by Fionaspratley

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Hello Fiona,

I'm going to give a different answer from what you was expecting i'm sure. Generally speaking and from experience dry cracked feet is from dehydration, so increase your water intake, 2 litres a day preferrably. Your now thinking my goodnesss i'm going to be in the toilet allot drinking that much? Well the solution to that is fish oils and vitamin A and lots and lots of it. It will help you to hold your water and greatly increased the softness of the skin.

It will take a couple of weeks for your body to get used to the increased water intact but stick with it, you'll be amazed at how different your skin will be.

Take care

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have you tried these new "fish pedicures" that are allthe rage at the moment? they're supposed to "eat away" all the dead skin. Im having one tomorrow so can post later on on how that went!

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yes could you let me know as im curious! thanks


it was wierd!! it feels a bit tickly i guess is the best way to describe it-thoughyou do kinda get used to it! it was an experience -i would receommend it--although i didnt notice abig difference in my feet-then again my feet arent too bad anyway!


when you say "cracked" ipresume you just man dry (as opposed to cutsor anything?) as you cant do the fish thing if u have open wounds (for obvious reasons).


Hi, I would suggest that you try heel balm, as this is a specifically designed foot cream with extra urea contained in it. Urea helps keep the moisture within the skin layers. Also you can purchase socks with have impregnated gel mineral oils (joboa oil and other minerals) within the inside heel area of the socks. You wear these either for 40 minutes a day in the house or wear them when you go to bed. Tried and tested. Eventually the gel wears away over time, but then you can still use the heel sock by applying your cream to the heel and then pop the sock on top. For washing, dont put in washing machine as the gel will desolve when washed in detergent. You gently hand wash them instead. I know about this as I am a chiropodist and also my receptionist tried them out on her cracked heels. Hope this helps.

Sources: Go to cracked heel section and there is a link to Coseyfeet where you can purchase a pair of the socks. Read the info and then you can make up your own mind.


I have the same problem-I wear Birkenstocks all the time for work. I use a product called Callus peel. Its a cotton sheet laced with fruit acids which melt the hard skin away - no blades at all. Once the hard skin has been melted and washed away then the cream that comes afterwards (it's got shea butter in) heavily moisturises the skin and if i've got any cracks they heal very quickly. It is a salon only product so you'll have to search for salons that do it in your area.



Definitely increase your vitamin A & fish oils. You find that the ADVANCED NUTRITION PROGRAMME vitamins & minerals formulated by Patrick Holford have a fantastic range to suit your specific problem. Give me a ring at Bow s Beauty Clinic. . Another little tip is to wear cotton socks in bed & smother your feet with an enriched cream. That will help too.Good luck.



Hi Fiona,
Using oil rather the creams will really help soften the hard skin on your feet. I would also recommend using a foot paddle that exfoliates and removes the hard dry skin on the heels and pads.Soak the feet or have a bath, then rub the hard dry skin off with the foot paddle/exfoliator, then massage with oil.
Avoid walking around with no shoes on outside in the summer, the layers of skin on the feet grow thicker the more time you spend on your feet and the harder the ground is, the feet grow extra skin layers to protect them. Wear sandals or flip flops that have some cushioned support in them so you are not flat footed all the time, and eat lots of oily fish and drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated.

And remember it takes 3/4 weeks for you skin cells to renew themselves so keep at it for a good few weeks and you will start to see results.



Try a foot balm containing 25% urea. Normal foot creams contain 10% urea. Urea retains moisture within the skin cells. Compeed heel balm, Gehwol products are good, and perfhaps flexitol.


Dear Fiona
I feel that our feet reflect what is going on inside us at all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. I have been suffering from dry cracked feet off and on in the last year or so. I had a look at my feet before answering your question and felt quite pleasantly surprised to see that they are in a much better state than usual. As you can tell from my answer, I dont give my feet a lot of attention. My belief is that heels are connected to our kidneys. I have just done a kidney cleanse based on Andreas Moritz's method. I found his article on dehydration and kidney cleansing very helpful. You can find his article on

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch. I would love to be able to help. You can contact me through my website



Banana Heel Cream by Keaso look for a salon that sells it its wonderful


Having a pedicure every week or every other week will make all the difference.


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