I believe I have been ripped off with my brazilian blow dry. My hair is not the same is it possible?

I think i've just had a keratin spray applied and nothing more. I had a brazilian last year and my hair was totally different after I washed it out and took half the time to blow dry. I have another appointment with this salon which I am now reluctant to use. My experience was not good. Can someone tell me if a salon can cheat.
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Well I guess yes, a salon can cheat but I'm not sure why they would, one bad customer experience can cost you loads!!! Have you tried to go back to the salon? I would appreciate the chance to make you happy if it were me. It could be something as small as they are using a different product so your feedback will help them loads.
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Hi, there my name is Leonette Van Staden and sins I heard of the Brizilian Blowdry i really wanted to go for it but its very expensive but then i heard that the brizilian blowdry isn't as good as the brizilian straightening but i really want to do the straightening but its expensive and i have dry and curly hair and i spend hours and hours on my hair and still its not good enough for me so please ladies if you can find out from the straightening i can pay max R600.00 but not more so please let me know if you hear something nice and even the best products you get thax
Hi, The same thing happened to me. I had mine done last friday andthey didn't section it properly or straighten it correctly, it's already curly underneath. I know as i've had the keratin treatment done 4 times and usually lasts months!!


Did you go to Eclipse to have it done?
Hi Soobee - did you buy this treatment from a group discount website? I don't think these treatments are the same as the Brazilian Blow Dry (as others have commented previously)
I did the same thing as the original (undiscounted) price that was quoted was about how much I had paid previously for the BBD so assumed they were the same thing. Needless to say, like you I was bitterly disappointed with the results. I also felt like I had been ripped off. So now, I don't take the chance and stick with my original treatment salon and pay the full price - at least I know what I am (supposed to be) getting.
The Brazilian Keratin Treatment should last you between 3 and 5 months. If your hair is of the afro type hair then a hair relaxation treatment should be done prior to the BKT. Also it is imperative that you use salt-free shampoo and conditioner following the treatment, otherwise the salt will break the keratin down and it will wash out of your hair.
It is possible that the salon used just a keratin hair spray, however you would have noticed this at the time and the sealing process would have been different. With the BKT the hairdresser takes thin sections of your hair and runs the irons over it 10-15 times to complete the sealing of your cuticles.
Hope this helps,


Hi Ed
There was no sealing process as such keratin spray was applied to my hair before a quick blow dry, as I had already been under the dryer once it was dry the flat irons were used. My last brazilian last from end of November till 2 weeks ago.
They have used a different product "obviously"...Unless they advised that they were using a particular product like the Inoar Marraquino brazillian blow dry....or the Global Keratin....etc...If they advertised JUST a Brazilian blow dry or express blow out.....then they can use any of 30 or so products on the market...........I always advise my clients which brand of product from the range that i think would be more suitabe for them and then always use that product for their hair type.....unless they specify they would like to try something else....then it is their choice.......hope this helps
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