Are there any teeth whitening deals where they "guarantee" a certain level of whitening?

My only teeth whiteng experience wasnt very good ie made no difference at all. I have noticed generally on the web,some places guarantee e.g. 3 shades lighter or your money back. are there any deals on wahanda that offer this? I havent found any so far...
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At Lasmile we offer at least on average 5 shades lighter and sometimes up to 10. You will mostly allways see instant results unless your teeth have fluorisis or tetracycline stains which are the hardest to remove.
We will take a shade match before the treatment and then after to show you how many shades lighter your teeth have became. If you don't agree that are not convinced that your teeth are lighter then dont pay anything.
Check for more information.
For consultation or to book and appoinment on 0754 5310478.
We are based in kensington and Fulham, London.
Also our prices are the best around!


great-as i asked before-do you offer any special deals through wahanda or are you planning to in the future?
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We offer a money back guarantee for 5 shades or less, as far as we are aware we are the only company that do
Prices are very competitive,with a choice of full treatment or top-up.Sign up to regular newsletter(via website ) to find out about any additional special offers.
I offer teeth whitening that is based on results.If after assessment I think just a topup is required (ie only 3-4 shades) then this all I would offer.If however the staining means I think I can achieve more then the treatment is geared to getting this result.That will mean the client is confident that a good result will be achieved.Check with the practitioner and discuss thoroughly what you can expect.If it's a reputable system there is no reason it shouldn't work.Good luck!


great - thanks! do you offer any deals through wahanda?
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