Do home teeth whitening kits have better results than laser teeth whitening long term?

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Hi There - home kits are used as a top up or enhancement to in surgery whitening, however please make sure any whitening treatment you undergo is professionally prescribed and monitored by a dentist or practitoner who has GDC registration and follws their duty of care and responsibility for patients.
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To get best reuslts from teeth whitening it is advised to have had the Laser teeth whitening treatment first and then to use the kit to concentrate on darker teeth/tooth to bring it line with the rest of your teeth.
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Hi lomi-lomi,
It depends on the kit and the strength of the gel. To be honest the kits I sell are better than the in-office laser whitening I also sell. This is because the kits are used over 14 days, even tho they are half the strength of the in office gel they are used for longer, meaning the whitening process is prolonged.
I charge £99 for the kit and £99 for the in office whitening. some people charge less because the kits they have are not very effective and say that the in-office whitening is better. Most the time these kits are better, but they don't want you to know that because they can charge you £199 instead of say £60 for a kit that will do the same, unless using 36% peroxide gel (the same as the dentist) most kits will beat in-office whitening ;)
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