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WestLondonColonics's profile

Colon Hydrotherapy

Name: None given
Gender: Female

I am principal colon therapist at West London Colonics. WLC specialises in colon hydrotherapy, offering a modern, service- led approach to an ancient health practice; aligning 'state of the art' medical technology with the bodys' natural cleansing process to help people access optimum health.
I care about what I do; I see it as both a science and art. Some of my clients even call me 'the colon whisperer.'
See client comments on our Wahanda page

I love yoga in general; however kundalini yoga has something quite special about it.
all sorts of interesting and helpful lifestyle tips are available.
Classes are sometimes tough , they vary , and apparently there are plenty of different 'sets' available.
I like the tuning in and out process ; really creates a special feel to the yoga, subtly afferent from hath a yoga.
Teachers great , ambience reasonable - can't complain. Would go more often if closer to me,still thought i would comment.

Venue scores
Treatment scores

Multiple kinds of treatment/ yoga available, so the centre has eclectic feel to it.
No real complaints however ; I went for restorative yoga , just what I needed after a busy week with my own clients.
Thought I should self- prescribe what I tell clients - take care of yourself.
very competent teacher, good clear instructions.
Probably a one of visit for me though, I fitted it in with a visit to central london ; thats not very frequent for me. Still I thought the venue deserved a review.

I participated with a friend, in the juice cleanse, mainly as a trial comparison with our experiences at health retreats like Obsidian as I wanted to see how well it worked to have all the juices prepared by others.I am used to preparing juices myself, and wasn't really convinced that the convenience of pre pre prepared drinks was worth the loss of control over ingredient adjustment for personal taste.
We both concluded that we preferred our own juices, our own powders , and supplement pills …so overall this wasn't for us. Nonetheless, in fairness , my review scoring reflects that I think this offering is a good idea, and is decently priced, especially when takes into account ones own time in preparation, and cost and wastage of juicing ingredients.
They should keep up the good work, as anything that gets more people drinking juices is a good idea.

I visited as guest of a friend who was a member; their treat, and a chance for us to spend spend girlie time together ; we made an afternoon of it, enjoying some classes ( yoga and stretching ) , the sauna /indoor pool, and lounging in the cafeteria.
I enjoyed it.

I have been to this facility as a guest , a number of times.
Would say its probably my favourite David Lloyds gym .
My friends tell me its good value too, compared to pricing levels at other DLs.
If you are in the area, have a look at it.

I have used David Lloyd Finchley off and on over a number of years.
Highlights for me has been yoga classes , albeit in slightly smallish room.
The restaurant makes up for it though. Its large , but manages to provide nooks and crannies for a feeling of privacy.
Fine for a beverage after yoga.

I went for an introductory class , based on the price offer they had on their website. Essentially I wanted to check out Pilates in relationship to its effect on the abdominal area, 'core stability' as they call it.
Its a concept relevant in the practice of colonics. I was happy by the relevance of Pilates , as a support to colonics (or vice versa). Colonics release excess tension in the abdominal area, and Pilates strengthens the area.
I do think that people already tense in the abdominal area may not be well served simply by Pilates, but thats just a point of view. No complaints about the instructor, clear and precise instructions. Spacious venue. Great ambience.

I am impressed with their marketing , and by the variety of deals on offer in their regular newsletters.
The newsletters are to the point- just offers; easy to read.
Of course, not always easy to get the offers- they are popular.
All in all, a good business , I think, but going through some growing pains as a result of becoming a chain.
Will I continue to be a client ? Yes, probably.

This is my local ayurvedic centre; but its not a spa- its a shop fronted facility.
No matter, if one is after a functional service, this works good , and one doesn't have to pay a fortune either for the service. My preference is their speciality ayurveda massages, abhangya and the like.

This is a great health retreat.
One that I have visited with friends . They are focused on educating their clients that there is another way.
I have obviously checked out their colon hydro therapy services, yoga , nutritional advice, steam & sauna.
All top notch. They make every thing do able , and have a high satisfaction rating from clients.
Good value too.
I have referred some of my clients to go to them , and they speak highly of the experience too.


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Member since: 03-May-2012