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Becca Crutchley

Name: Becca Crutchley
Gender: Female

Writer and complete web geek who loves pampering, owns far too many unused make-up products and can't say no to a bargain. As a member of the Marketing team at Wahanda, nothing gets us excited more than a new beauty product or reading about the latest health craze - as long as it doesn't involve cutting out chocolate...

Any tricks to help my hair grow faster?

Asked by RebeccaCrutchley 3 years ago

I had my hair cut quite short by accident and really want my long hair back for the summer - does anyone know any ways to help it grow except for supplements, trims and eating well etc etc?

5 answers

I've got a suspected 'shoulder separation' on my right shoulder - can massage help?

Asked by RebeccaCrutchley 3 years ago

Hi everyone, I've got a suspected 'shoulder separation' that I've had for a while but has recently flared up quite badly, leaving me unable to carry heavy bags on my shoulder, sit in particular positions, bend or do anything, and my right lung feels slightly trapped by my chest. While I can cope with these things for short periods of time, would a particular type of massage help to ease the inflammation or do you think it's best to just leave it alone?

16 answers

Had an allergic reaction to mango fruit drink last night - any idea why?

Asked by RebeccaCrutchley 3 years ago

Hi there. I'm already allergic to pineapples and kiwis, but yesterday I craved a fruity drink so picked up a can of sparkling mango drink. Looking at the ingredients and having eaten fresh mango only a few weeks ago, I guessed that this would be fine with no side effects. Yet after about half an hour my chest was extremely tight, eyes became blurry and felt dizzy and my tell-tale 'I'm having a reaction' rash appeared on my arms appeared. Does anyone know if there are any links between pineapples, kiwi fruits and mangos?

10 answers

Can you have eyelash extensions if going on holiday and swimming in the sea?

Asked by RebeccaCrutchley 3 years ago

Thinking of treating myself to eyelash extensions for my upcoming holiday but with chlorine and saltwater etc- would the fake lashes stay on or quickly fall out?

6 answers

How to keep skin moisturised when wearing make-up on planes, trains or in the sun?

Asked by RebeccaCrutchley 4 years ago

Hi, I love wearing makeup as I suffer with scarring but I find that when I'm in the sun or on my long commute to work in the morning, my face goes from well made-up to mess. Any tips on how to keep topping up skin with moisturiser all day long while wearing make-up at the same time? Tinted moisturiser doesn't cover up enough for me. Thanks,

8 answers

I have poor circulation in my feet, what at-home massages will help?

Asked by RebeccaCrutchley 4 years ago

My feet are constantly cold and numb (but wearing boots and socks make them uncomfortably warm and sweaty at the same time!), are there any types of massage techniques or tricks for when I'm at home that can dramatically help to improve the circulation in my feet and toes?

27 answers

I'm considering cutting out dairy in the hope it clears up my skin, is this safe to do?

Asked by RebeccaCrutchley 4 years ago

I suffer from constant flare ups with my skin, usually with spots all around my face that seem to last for weeks. After reading lots of info that connects cows milk and their hormones to spotty skin problems- I'm trying to cut out all dairy to see if this has any effect. Is this safe to do? Has anyone tried it? Is swapping cows milk with goats milk a good alternative?

15 answers

What products/vitamins/foods are best for tackling acne-prone skin?

Asked by RebeccaCrutchley 4 years ago

I have problem skin that's both dry and oily and struggle with it changing daily. It is quite heavily affected by hormones as once a month it always flares up with mother nature's monthly visit, but I eat a balanced diet and exercise as much as I can. Are there any products or vitamins that could help rid me of these annoying spots? Thanks!

10 answers


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Member since: 10-Apr-2012

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