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Name: None given
Gender: Female

Head of Copywriting at wonderful Wahanda, Melanie is besotted with beauty and believes in investing in yourself. A coiffeur chameleon, she loves our fab hairdo deals and thinks that a change is as good as a rest.

How are fillers used to improve 'sad' downturned mouth corners please?

Asked by MelanieJayne 4 years ago

I'd like to fill out a small scar on my lip-line where lipstick 'feathers', add volume to the top lip and have the corners lifted as the currently relax into a downturned shape.Does anyone have more info on lip augmentation?x

7 answers

Would acustaple or acumpuncture treatments be suitable for an insomnia sufferer?

Asked by MelanieJayne 6 years ago

I take hours to drift off and when I do get to sleep I never feel 'rested' in the morning. Could acustaple (or even acupuncture) alleviate this problem?

Thank you!

3 answers

What kind of massage is best for someone who carries a lot of tension in their shoulders?

Asked by MelanieJayne 6 years ago

I've never had a massage before and want something which will really iron out the 'knots' in my shoulder muscles, as they're extremely tense?

10 answers

How often should I exfoliate after a spray tan?

Asked by MelanieJayne 6 years ago

I'm considering getting a spray tan but don't want to get that scaly effect when it wears off. How often should I exfoliate to avoid this?

12 answers


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Member since: 19-May-2010

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Tried and Tested: smart skincare from Intelligent Nutrients

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