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Name: None given
Gender: Male

I am one of the co-founders of Wahanda.
Thanks for visiting the site.

I hope you find exactly what you are looking for, and please if you have any feedback, please send me an email at:

By the way, you can read my business partner Lopo's reviews and see his profile here:

Fabulous blend of traditional and modern with brilliant food, amazing service and a top class destination hotel spa. The rooms are lovely and I slept really well. The view of the little lake / pond with the trees definitely makes you forget you are only an hour outside of London.

I had a massage at the spa which was top class, and the meals were also lovely.
On top of it all, fantastic showers and amazing sweeping views. We also used the gym which has a great indoor & outdoor fitness areas.

This is a great little secret that I am sure will soon get out.

Visited Apr 2010

I used my Wahanda MobDeal here and decided to have a one hour massage and a one hour Galvanic "electric" Guinot facial, which came to £110 total (a good value for two hours worth of luxury treatments in the heart of Mayfair). The salon/spa is unassuming, but I was led to a very nice and quite spacious treatment room on the lower floor.

The facial was an experience to remember - my face was coated with a moisturising gel, and then the therapist used these metallic implements, including these metal balls on wands (straight out of a movie) that ran an electric current on my face (crazy!). I had to hold onto a rod in my palm to complete the electric circuit (all safe over the 20 yrs that this treatment has been in existence, I was assured!), but the therapist also told me that the electric galvanic current actually helps to sink the moisturizer deeper into my skin...leading to a better facial. The therapist told me that i might get a metallic taste sensation as the implements came near my mouth (which i did!). Guinot is also a top facial, I went with it. She also cleansed and did some extractions beforehand, and also a hydrating was so relaxing that I totally fell asleep.

With regards to the massage, I was advised by my fantastic therapist (I believe her name was Claire) that for men, she would only be able to massage me while i was face down (nothing against me, she said, just Westminster Council regulations on massaging word to the wise). I was not particularly bothered as I was more interested in my back getting massaged anyway. The massage was spot on, but I think I would have preferred a "deeper" deep tissue - that being said, it was really useful and the massage oil was really nice as well. She also concentrated on my problem left shoulder, so that was very much appreciated.

A nice little find, so I would recommend it wholeheartedly, and the staff are very nice indeed.

Visited Jan 2010

This being my first time, I was pretty scared, but I went with a friend which helped. Also, the Bikram center allows you to test drive 10 days for only £20 - a great deal to see if you like it!

OK, first things first - the room is at 110 degrees Fahrenheit (or around 44 degrees Celsius), as expected. What I did not expect was that the class is one and a half hours long - I expected it to be only an hour, so I was a bit light-headed towards the end. The instructor (and my friend) said the most important part is to make sure you stay in the room for the entire class, so although I was a bit slow towards the end, I did make it. The exercises and poses are fantastic...i really enjoyed it, and would recommend it to people who have always been curious to try it. I am not that flexible, but I still really liked it. Some tips below though..

A few tips I would advise to first timers
- I would personally advise doing a normal Yoga class 3 to 4 times before doing Bikram so you can get used to the poses; its tough to concentrate in the heat, so you want a basic understanding of some of the poses. I think it makes it easier. And if you are not flexible like me, other classes where instructors can direct and assist you could be useful.
- Get to class 5-10 minutes early to get used to the heat
- bring a bottle of water
- bring two towels (one for the class, one for showing afterwards)
- it gets sweaty, so you need clothes that hold up well to the sweat...I ended up going topless
- Don't overtax yourself early on..conserve your energy
- The instructor told us to keep our eyes open to remain "present"...which i actually liked, as I found myself shutting my eyes a lot
- I did not feel uncomfortable or competitive or judged by people...after the first 5 minutes, you completely are working from within, so other people do not matter, in case you are wondering about that
- Towards the end, it really tested my mental strength...which was great. You need to block everything else out and concentrate on doing the poses...its great focus training

At this location, you remove your shoes before entering reception, which i thought was nice.
Lockers need a £1 coin, so bring along! SHowers & changing room were spot on - clean and basic.

I have 10 days, so I will probably try to go 2 times each week and see if it continues to go well.


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