Zoola Fish - Fish Pedicure: The Stables Market
822 The Stables Market (basement)
Chalk Farm Road

About Zoola Fish

With a mission to turn the UK into a nation full of fit feet, the Zoola Fish concept was born. By using the latest ‘fin-omenon’, fish pedicures, we want people the width and breadth of the country to have baby soft feet. Think Andrex and Johnsons Baby Lotion adverts. Mmmm, dreamy.

If you’re not up to speed, fish pedicures are the latest and greatest pedicure and relaxation technique to hit the UK and Zoola Fish were the first offer it. We use hundreds of toothless Garra Rufa fish that gently suck and nibble away dead skin whilst creating a light and relaxing massage.

Since February, over 10,000 people have dipped their feet into a world of wonder at our fish spa’s in London and we want this trend to spread nationwide as we open more spas. When will you take the plunge?

Our Fish

To help with our mission is our team of trusty Garra Rufa fish, always at the ready for whatever feet are dipped their way. They will gently suck and nibble away at your dead skin (we’d rather them than us) leaving feet feeling soft, smooth and revitalised.

Originally from the hot springs and river basins of the Middle East, they’re acclimatising well to London life and love meeting new feet everyday. Toby, who is a favourite of ours, is particularly sociable and will never fail to tuck-in to your toes.

Garra Rufa just like ours have been used for centuries to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema and their exfoliating abilities are now widely used across the Far East for fish pedicures and fish massage.

They require water temperatures of around 35c so your feet are sure to receive a warm welcome. What’s more, they’re known to secrete Diathanol, which is said to encourage skin regeneration.

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