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Zane is a kind warm lady with good knowledge of the treatment she provides
a year ago
2 years ago
Just completed a course of presso body treatments I would absolutely recommend Zane to anyone. The treatment was so relaxing and improved the condition of my skin. Zane is very friendly and professional. She thoroughly explained everything.
Andrea Gilbert
2 years ago
I have had several o2 (oxygen) facials with Zane and I can only describe the experience as sheer bliss. The prep time is spent with cleansing and massage followed by the exquisite treatment. Its the most deeply relaxing and hypnotic facial I have had ....and I've had a few !! Afterwards you feel energised and fresh with a youthful and natural complexion. The results last for days if not weeks. I would definitely recommend this treatment to friends and family. To conclude Zane is one of the most competent and professional therapists I have used, she is friendly, organised and a pleasure to spend time with.
Sarah Jackson
2 years ago
Zane's oxygen facials are really wonderful. I've had a few and they've been a consistently excellent experience. She makes you feel totally relaxed to the point you sometimes can't tell if you're asleep or awake and the facial itself feels beautiful. You also feel like you're really being taken care of as Zane stays with you the whole time with the entire session filled with different treatments. I always walk away feeling like my skin is glowing, never had anything but a really positive experience,
Abby Jackson
2 years ago


Zane's Beauty & Body Therapy
133 Thorne Road
South Yorkshire

I am a professional skin care specialist, Indian Head massage therapist helping people to feel more beautiful and satisfied with how they look, increase their well-being by providing different treatments.

I believe that our hearts as well as our bodies speak with us ALL THE TIME however the problem is that we are ignoring and suppressing all of that. I believe that we CANNOT give from empty container and we must stop putting our desires for self care in the last place in our priority list. By allowing ourselves to indulge in self care pleasures helps to return us to joyful, satisfied and fulfilled place in us, so we could be our best selves.

I offer a unique ANTI-AGE OXYGEN FACIAL, which is truly luxurious and blissful experience that helps to hydrate skin on a cellular level, detoxifies, improves face contour, targets uneven skin texture & tonality, facial redness, blemishes, tightens pores and is alternative to hyaluronic fillers. This treatment is also called a ‘’celebrity facial’’ as it is being done to celebrities before red carpet to achieve amazing looking glow.

I also offer DETOXIFYING LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE treatment which is effective and painless treatment, which through effective mechanical method of lymphatic drainage helps to promote the body's natural toxin clearing functions and helps the body’s detoxification process incredibly well thus aiding weight loss. The revitalization and oxygenation of the tissue helps to slim and redefine the legs, stomach and arms while enhancing skin tone. This treatment is alternative for liposuction.

I am truly excited to help you feel more satisfied with yourself and the way you look and I am committed to give my 1000% effort to make you feel most comfortable and cared for at my treatments.

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