The Islington Chiropractic Clinic
5/6 The Precinct
Packington Square
N1 7UP

Established in 1998, the Islington Chiropractic Clinic has, and continues to play a major role in improving the health of thousands of people with conditions ranging from back pain, neck pain, musculoskeletal complaints, sports injuries, asthma, digestive problems, fertility/gynaecological problems and children's ailments.

The focus of our health centre is to provide quality chiropractic care that uses a variety of specific chiropractic manipulation techniques to remove dysfunction from the spinal joints. This removes interference to the nervous system by taking away 'pressure' on the spinal nerves thereby allowing the body to reach it's optimum health.

Complementing this approach, the other significant therapies offered by the clinic include acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Deep Tissue Massage, chiropody and podiatry.

Rehabilitation and core stability training may also be part of your health program if necessary. It is one of the objectives of the clinic to ensure that whatever your health issue, you are correctly and completely diagnosed and thereby directed to the most appropriate practitioner for you complaint or to the therapy of your preference.

If your practitioner determines your health concern cannot be addressed completely within the clinic, the centre has an excellent referral system to outstanding medical specialists, dentists/orthodontists, nutritionists, and personal trainers with whom the team work closely.

The team are very approachable and welcome any enquiries regarding the therapies offered or questions about any way they can help you maximize your health!

We Aim

  • To provide a friendly and personal service that is professional and tailored to your specific needs.
  • To ensure that you feel free to discuss concerns about your condition or any aspect of the care that you receive at this clinic.
  • To ensure that we are up to date with the most modern techniques and innovations in the complimentary care we provide by maintaining membership to the appropriate professional associations and attending seminars both in the UK and abroad.
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