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NEVER GO TO THIS CLINIC. I bought an "unlimited 6 months facial" early this year and my experience was horrible. Firstly, the facials I booked was supposed to have been for 1 hour, however one time my treatment was only 25 min! Secondly, they were always fully booked so I was only able to go maximum 1 time a month, so the "unlimited" package I bought was a total waist of time. Some therapists are really bad as well and dint know how to apply the cremes / peelings. VERY VERY BAD - WAIST OF MONEY - DO NOT GO HERE
9 months ago
I had the ultimate facial - brilliant, loved it, very clean, friendly service and good value for money - I always ask for Amy now - totally recommend her
a year ago
Please be aware that if you are considering having an injectable treatment that the '14 day 'top-up' treatment at no further cost to the client' under the Refund Policy section of the website is false and entirely misleading. I had a tear trough treatment worth £495. However, after a week, I could see no visible difference (it is advertised as a 'subtle treatment but one that makes all the difference'). For a treatment of this price, I would expect to see some improvement. So being aware of the 14 day 'top-up' treatment, I booked an appointment to see the injector again and receive a top-up. Unfortunately it was a wasted journey. The injector explained that for males, it is normal to have more than one treatment, i.e. 2ml in total. However this was not relayed to me during my initial consultation or anytime prior to my treatment, nor is it noted on the pricing list. In fact, under the 'Men Only Treatments' section of the website it clearly states 'Botox and fillers work equally well on men', which is in complete contrast to what I had been told by the injector. Regardless, none of this is surprising as it would have of course had an impact on my decision making process, knowing I would have to spend just under £1,000 to be able to see a difference. I asked the injector to take a photo and compare it with the photo she had taken before the treatment. She admitted that she couldn't see any difference, however she said she would have to speak with management about providing a top-up treatment. She was told that she could inject another 1ml at half price, i.e. £249. This is not an insignificant amount of money, on top of the price I'd already paid for a seeminly invisible treatment and is completely at odds with the stated refund policy which explicitly states 'at no further cost to the client'. I politely declined. Do think very carefully if you are considering having the same or any expensive injectable treatment as you may find yourself in the same predicament with no recourse. That being said, I have absolutely no complaints about the injector, she was excellent and entirely professional throughout but I suspect bound by Skin Health Spa's questionable marketing practices.
a year ago
I initially went in for a skin peel, however was told that I couldn't have it because I would need to use glycolic prep a week before. I found this really irritating (tell me over the phone!). I found my initial consultation rather disorganized and they didn't seem to be able to do anything I wanted. They had an offer on dermal fillers, which I had been considering for a long time so decided to go for that instead. Really really disappointed! I paid £250 for one vial of Juvederm 3 for nasolabial folds, however the injector placed most of the filler around my chin and the sides of the mouth. I understand why some product would be placed here, but the result did not address my concerns at all. I also found the injector really unfriendly and the staff in general quite salesy, both of which are a big no no for me. I would not go back for these reasons, however they have frequent offers and I may consider giving them a second chance with another treatment just because I'm a sucker for a good deal, although given my disappointment probably not! There are lots of competitors to choose from!
a year ago
DO NOT USE THIS SALON! Terrible experience - wouldn't recommend to anyone. Bad service, bad treatment, no after care, no refunds or follow up.
2 years ago
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Skin Health Spa London Marylebone
16 Thayer Street
Marylebone Village

Skin Health Spa is a professional skin clinic located in Marylebone, close to Bond Street station.

Specialising in cosmetic injectables, laser hair removal and Aromatherapy Associates facial packages, their experienced doctors, nurses and aestheticians are trained to provide each client with professional and trusted advice in a safe and professional environment.

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