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I had botox and fillers at Riverbanks. Dr Jain was brilliant. He came highly recommended. It didn't hurt. He does it in such a relaxed way and gave me such a subtle look. I hadn't realised how much I needed the filler around the sides of my mouth. I definitely feel like I look younger and have lots of compliments. I loved the clinic and will definitely go back there for more treatments.
4 years ago
I have just had the most amazing treatment at Riverbanks. I am so happy with the results. I had a session of Cooltech fat freezing. I wasn't overweight, I just had a little bit of stubborn fat that I just couldn't shift. It was such an easy treatment and actually quite enjoyable especially knowing what the suction cups are doing. I can just see the results now, it has taken about 4 weeks for them to show. I would definitely going to Riverbanks for this treatment.
4 years ago
I have been to Riverbanks twice now, once for a dermaceutic spot peel and then most recently for dermal fillers. My skin was pigmented, I think from being on the pill for so long so I looked a bit sun wrecked. It is now completely clear and looks brand new! The whole procedure was so good, it was like a total exfoliation so it feels so smooth now. So many of my friends have commented on how good I look, I love it! I had dermal fillers at the end of last year. After losing all my baby weight my face had started to look a bit less taught in some areas. I was nervous about fillers but I didn't need to be. Dr Jain was very honest with me about how much I needed and gave me the most subtle look, exactly what I wanted. I would definitely recommend going to this clinic. It is calm and peaceful and the team are all really lovely.
5 years ago


Riverbanks Clinic
Lower Harpenden Road
East Hyde

Let us enhance your skin’s natural beauty and give it a second chance; you can look and feel better – without cosmetic surgery.

When we tell our clients that, with the correct treatment, we can give their skin a new lease of life, we mean exactly that. At Riverbanks, we can help you turn back that clock, with the help of the very latest safe, non-surgical, highly effective anti-aging skin treatments.

By listening carefully to your requirements and expectations, we can clearly outline ways you can regain and maintain your skin’s vitality, suppleness and glow. We can help you select the procedures that will best benefit you in the long term, and help you develop an ongoing programme to get the most out of the treatments you choose.

Whatever your needs, we will offer you the warmest of welcomes and look forward to meeting you and discussing how we can help.

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