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I had big expectations for a one-to-one session, and in some ways they transpired. I will try it again, but not very impressed with the therapist. I booked a date when i purchased the voucher, however I shortly after received a text saying the therapist was away for a couple of weeks and once she was back it was difficult to get a date. Anyway I arrived early yet I didn't receive my full time and I thought that I was given a half-service as it was a discounted voucher. Anyway it was my first time on the reformer machine and I was quite impressed at the impact it had.
4 years ago
I wanted to get fit this year and bought a block of 10 lessons. On lesson 5 and brilliant- feel energised after each session and really beginning to tone up. Each lesson is more and more challenging and really feel I am improving. Lovely attic studio and Polly is v good.
5 years ago
I've decided to start the year on a high by doing pilates. I did get a good deal with wahanda. Polly confimred my appointment quickly. I 've done reformer pilates before , always in a group. So it was a good experience having 1:1 coaching. Especially as she does an assessment on your posture as well. We've worked on different exercise, some classic reformer Pilates one but she also had plenty of options to adjust to my level which is not a beginner anymore but not quite full intermediate. It was a full work out. The only thing I 've missed was the music, that you always get in group classes and also it could have been more challenging at times. But then again I it was my first lesson. Overall good experience.
5 years ago
I have always wanted to try the pilates reformer machine and now finally have - its incredible. Had a 1:1 private lesson with Polly - who was superb - highly professional teaching, really lovely and a real depth of knowledge of pilates etc. The posture analysis was worth a lesson alone - hugely insightful into my posture and now know what I need to do to correct it. Highly recommended - an amazing deal for such a high level of teaching.
5 years ago
Great offer - bargain for the awesome teaching. Feel so much better and really pleased I discovered Pilates as its really helped my body tone up and stop by shoulders from being so rounded. Love it!
5 years ago
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Reformer Pilates Battersea - 1:1 Intensive Pilates
Northcote Road

Located in the tranquil area of Battersea Park, Reformer Pilates Battersea - 1:1 Intensive Pilates is a professional center specialising in one-to-one intensive, total body workouts. Designed to improve core strength, flexibility and posture, this clinic helps you to create long, lean and toned muscles.

Whether you want to address postural or flexibility issues, or to get back into shape post-birth (babies welcome to attend your lesson), Reformer Pilates provides specific treatments, along with introductory packages to suit your needs. The first lesson will include a free posture analysis to determine what muscles need strengthening, what muscles need lengthening so that a tailored programme can be developed based upon your goals.

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