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What more can I say! Raheem at RDS-PRO is amazing! Training is never the same, I'm always excited with what new challenge he is going to come up with for me next! I love training with him!!! The best!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
As a female I was scared of getting bulky when training weights and that I would look like a man! So I sought the advice of a professional and I was recommended RDS-PRO. I cannot be more grateful for his input within my life as he has turned it around! I know have an ultra toned sexy physique, thanks to expert nutrition and carefully organised training plans! I now have a bikini body all year round and feel sexy naked! The training sessions were kept fun and I never felt intimidate in the weight area with RDS-PRO by my side! A true inspiration and has infused his fitness passion within me! Just excellent and I thank him for everything he has taught me and the knowledge gained! Best PT ever!!
3 years ago
I booked a 9 week personal training course with RDS PRO. my goal was to improve my fitness and loose weight. My sessions were brilliant & I achieved my goals. Each training session was different and exciting. I can find exercise a chore and boring; with the RDS PRO they kept it refreshing so I looked forward to my sessions. They held bootcamp style sessions in parks and sessions my local gym.This was good as I got my confidence back and now feel like I know what I am doing. They also worked around me, I have a very busy schedule..I have kept RDS PRO as my regular trainer. I would highly recommend!! Best trainer I know.
3 years ago
I am somebody who trains on my own, but was given the opportunity to use this service as quick way to get into extra shape i felt and saw the results. I pushed my self to new limits and has now set a new benchmark on a fitness level from the cardio and suspension training which has improved my core.
3 years ago
Exercising isn't normally something that I enjoy but since using this company I have found that I do actually enjoy it and look forward to going to my training sessions. I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into but they made a personalised training programme for me after doing a thorough consultation and asking me what my aims and goals were, they also helped me with my diet and what would be best for me. After the first couple of sessions, they take into consideration th exercises that I enjoy doing and put them into my personalised programme as well as taking out the ones that I do not enjoy. Within weeks I have found a noticeable improvement as have my friends and family. I have been reccomending this company to everyone I know and will never use another company!!!
4 years ago
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RDS-PRO Fitness at Hyde park
RDS-PRO Fitness,
Hyde Park corner,

Established 07/07/07 RDS-PRO is a London (UK) based personal fitness training & sports conditioning company.

RDS-PRO is currently operating between the hours of 6am - 12am, seven days a week. We aim to offer our clients a tailor made service to fulfil their goals and pride ourselves with a wide range of equipment and the mobilty to host in various different training locations throughout London (UK). This includes various gyms, parks, studios and any location with an open space. Ensuring we can create a flexible plan around the clock to suit our clients needs, whether it’s before or after work (or even on a lunch break). A gym membership is not required for our sessions, so if you currently aren’t a member of a gym we can identify a location that both fulfils your lifestyle and comfort.

We specialise in functional, calisthenic (bodyweight), core stability, suspension and plyometric training methods. Applying a variety of high intensity approaches we assure our clients that sessions are always fun, new, challenging and exciting whilst benefiting from the best physical adaptations.

We don't believe in telling our clients that by just doing 'this' will definitely do 'that' to your body, in truth everybody’s body works differently. An array of methods can be applied to dietary plans and fitness work, so this gives each individual a different result. At RDS-PRO we pride ourselves on studying your goals and developing a regime involving fitness and nutrition that will suit you. We also value feedback so if something is not working for you, we don’t want you hiding it from us, we want to understand this and find an alternative solution which will keep us on course of reaching our fitness goals together.

So whether you just wish to stay fit, prepare yourself for a sporting event, tv, film, theatre role or even just want that beach body for the summer or a holiday…. Work with us, so we can work with you!!!

Please take the time to check out our pictures and videos on Instagram/YouTube for our fitness tips and motivational workouts. More importantly please see our reviews and feedback from our clients that have already embarked on a fitness journey with RDS-PRO Fitness.

Raheem PT

Founder & Fitness Director

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