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Not an amazing haircut experience. The hairdresser did not speak English very well. He washed my hair rather aggressively and the water was cold. When he started brushing it later on I had to ask him to be more gentle as it actually hurt me. This wasn't a good start. The ambience looks good on photos but in reality the salon is rather dirty and unkept. There was old hair and dust in the corners, the furniture looks worn out and the hairdresser pulled his tools out of a bag and I am not sure if they were properly sanitised before use. My haircut was not exactly what I wanted but it will do until I go back to my previous hairdresser.
a year ago
This is the WORST HAIR SALON IN LONDON. I bought a voucher in June, and booked in for a haircut and blow-dry. The lady who cut my hair was lovely, but this experience was totally spoiled and offset by the appalling customer service that came later. After my haircut I was asked if I wanted to make another appointment- I agreed to book this only to be told I needed to pay for it in advance, and they would give me a discount if I did this (45 GBP for haircut and blow-dry opposed to 60.) I thought this was suspicious, I've never before had to pay for a haircut in advance, but stupidly I did. She told me when I booked it that I could cancel later if I needed to. Two months later I called to cancel my haircut as they couldn't suggest any times that would suit me. The manager wasn't able to understand me over the phone and I found myself having to raise my voice and repeat myself over and over again. Initially she didn't even know I had an appointment, and asked me not only if I had paid already, but what I had paid for, as in my appointment details she had 'cut and finish' written down- not a blow dry as I had paid for! I then spent the next 15 minutes on the phone to a woman who claimed to be the manager, who refused to refund the haircut (that I hadn't yet had!) claiming that I had not followed the cancellation policy (which policy? I hadn't been given one!) and telling me how inconsiderate I was for not cancelling earlier (I was held up at work and couldn't leave). I could not believe how incredibly rude the staff at this salon were, and the lack of customer service she showed me. How silly, to refuse a refund of 45 pounds, and to treat a customer so badly that they will never step foot in the place again. I'll be sure to tell of my friends and family what an awful place this is!
a year ago
This has to be the worst experience I have had dealing with a salon in the area. Apologies to the staff, but the manager was aggressive (storming out on me and slamming the door), and refused to continue the conversation with me when I complained about the abysmal shellac manicure I had here (started peeling off within hours of having it done). I argued that I was within my rights to ask for a refund. I visited the salon when it was under different management and had a completely different experience. I am so upset about how I was spoken too, especially when I was told I was wasting the mangers time. He fails to understand basic customer service etiquette. This salon advertises themselves as high-end, however what I have found is an amateurish service from the management. I should add, the staff (not manager) are generally very nice. I will not fight for my refund any longer, as it is not about the money for me. In short, if you want a shellac manicure in Fulham, there are so many better options.
a year ago
Great service very accurate paint and lovely staff Thank you very much
a year ago
I came in for a shellac manicure and pedicure as well as full wax. The manicure and pedicure were very well done by Sergio , he was very gentle, and I was very happy with it as he was very perfectionist as well!! Also at the salon they used the proper shellac nail polish which if you been using different ones, you will definitely see the difference. Sergio did also my wax ( it was the fist time I was getting wax by a man) , very professional and well done - I have to say that I been waxing for more than 12 years and I have always feel pain, however at la Durbin Boutique , they used this wax that it's based in chamomile and it's just pain free !!! Will be definitely coming back!!
a year ago
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La Durbin Boutique
339 Fulham Palace Road

Located in Fulham, La Durbin Boutique is the ultimate urban retreat, providing a sanctuary of calm where you can escape the hustle and bustle of a busy city lifestyle. The inviting boutique interior has a calm and relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and pampered.

A team of friendly and professional staff strive to enhance your natural beauty and bring your best self to the surface. Indulge yourself with a fabulous haircut or a luxurious Shellac manicure that exceeds all expectations. Each client is treated to a high-quality salon experience tailored to suit your unique style, leaving you feeling confident and revitalised.

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