Krav Maga Leeds
Leeds Met
Headingly Campus Sports Centre

Following five years of training Krav Maga behind closed doors to various groups and individuals, Krav Maga Leeds was established in 2005 at Esporta Gym to offer genuine training in a defensive tactics system that has gained an international reputation as being one of the best in the world. Back in the 1950's, a skilled martial artist called Imi Lichtenfeld was tasked to devise a 'no-nonsense' training program/system for the Israeli military and the Special forces to suitably prepare them for the battlefield. Imi developed 'Krav Maga' which translated simply meant 'Contact Combat', and the success of training in Krav Maga was clear through the achievements of those who had been involved in hand-to-hand combat and won.

Take a moment and think about how you could be attacked. By a punch? A kick? A grab? A choke? Fighting on the ground? What if the attacker had a weapon? Maybe a stick? A knife? A baseball bat? A handgun or a machine gun? Now complicate the situation. Think about your surroundings. Is the floor uneven? Is it night-time? Where is your escape route? Or maybe you don't know where you are? What if there were multiple attackers? What if the attacker intended to rape you? How would you react and respond when under the effects of stress? These are the foundations of Krav Maga.

When Krav Maga went international, it became particularly popular in the USA. Our Senior Instructor began training in Los Angeles back in the late 1990's with some of the key Krav Maga Instructors in the country. Furthermore, many celebrities also adopted Krav Maga to build their personal fitness rather than 'just going to the gym', and Krav Maga is becoming more popular for helping in the production of realistic fight scenes in the movies or on TV.

All Krav Maga Leeds Instructors have either worked as or have been actively involved in the training of many frontline personnel such as doorstaff, bodyguards, police, military and prison staff. Instructors are also fully security checked and qualified to instruct such skills.

Today, Krav Maga Leeds offers practical and simple solutions to realistic threats. With an ongoing program that welcomes beginners at any time throughout the year and regular gradings and courses, now around the country, Krav Maga Leeds has been acknowledged through various awards, media publications and TV/radio coverage for its commitment to offering genuine training in self protection.


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